Scotty Riggs Discusses His Health Issues, Gives Update On Buff Bagwell, Talks Heyman & Bischoff

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The lighting went to hell. The whole production value went down because, all of a sudden, they had to produce it themselves. Because we were on TV, we were actually making money and we were drawing the house show money and stuff like that. But Paul was having to pay his past creditors from buildings that he didn't pay and stuff like that. Towards the end of it, unfortunately, he could go back to a lot of the buildings because he owed them money for renting the buildings. There were very little places you could go because he owed money.

That was the thing. If Paul would have just hired somebody to be a businessman for him, instead of him trying to do the business side of it himself and he could just be the creative guy that he was before -- I don't know what the relationship with Todd Gordon and him was and how they worked together. I was a wrestler, not a businessman. But, just as a fly on the wall, I saw how everything just started going straight down hill. The money started drying up and you stopped receiving your paycheck.

The FedEx package with your paychecks just weren't there. You didn't get them at the TV. Whenever you just kept getting promised them and you knew they weren't showing up, guys stopped coming. It just became a hard time and you just knew the money was not going to be there. You wanted to keep the company viable and you really wanted to be there because that was one of the greatest companies I ever worked for. So, I don't want to get all down and dreary on the place.

Those guys had the biggest egos in the world, but it wasn't with themselves, it was in their matches. Everyone there tried to make ECW better. When I left WCW, where everyone was pretty much cut throat and tried to make themselves better and went to ECW, it was just a breath of fresh air. Everyone from C.W. Anderson to Steve Corino, Dreamer -- all those guys. Jerry Lynn. Everything they were doing was to try to make that show better. They all took pride in that. That was something that I hadn't seen in wrestling in a long time since Nitro first started. Everyone tried to make everyone better.

Being hospitalized recently: I just couldn't stop throwing up one night. The minute I would drink something down -- it could be Coca Cola, Powerade, whatever it was -- minutes later, right back up. I'd drink something again -- water -- right back up. No matter what it was, I just kept throwing it back up. So, I went to the emergency room and as funny as it sounds, a guy I went to high school with was one of the E.R. doctors. He looked at me and said, 'You know what we got to do, don't you? We've got to stick that tube down your nose again.' I was like, 'Great.'

So, he stuck the thing up my nose and the long story short of that is that there was black stuff coming out of it, which meant there was a bleed somewhere inside. So, they admitted me to figure out where I [was bleeding]. So, I did a CAT scan, did an MRI and I also did an ultra sound. With the ultra sound, they found a four centimeter by two centimeter mass in my gull stone. They didn't know if it was cancerous or not. They also found sludge in there, which is what they basically call it, which means my gull bladder -- I don't know what it actually does. I know it produces enzymes that help you digest food and fat and stuff of that sort.

Basically, it was quitting working. It hadn't stopped yet but it was on the way. Just in light of that -- basically, they did every test twice which kept me in the hospital for about a week. Kind of drove me a little bit nuts. You're sitting there, getting woken up every few hours. They're taking blood and there doing this and that. They basically said it wasn't a stone. A lot of people have gull stones and stuff like that. It wasn't a stone but it wasn't cancerous because it wasn't showing anything in my blood work. So, that was an answered prayer.

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