Scotty Riggs Discusses His Health Issues, Gives Update On Buff Bagwell, Talks Heyman & Bischoff

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But, there was still a mass that was in there. Basically, they decided that it could be [removed] microscopically, they could go in there, break it open, take it out or they were going to cut me open. So, I just crossed my fingers, hoping they would do it microscopically which is basically four little holes going inside of your through your belly button and three other little spots. They can just go in there and use their little cameras and little instruments and stuff. It will eventually heal quicker. You feel sicker, but you heal quicker.

That's basically what happened. They ended up taking it out microscopically and I had about 20 staples in me. Four or five in one spot, four or five in another. Six or seven here by my belly button and stuff like that. I went and got those removed and the doctor said, 'I don't want you working out or doing any crunches or nothing like that for about a month to five weeks. It's going to take your body time to adjust to that not being there and to help you digest food. So, you've got to watch what you eat. You can't really eat red meat. You can't do this, you can't do that.'

He gave me a little dietary plan to keep. A little bit bland at the start, but it's going to help my body adjust. He says, 'There's going to be days where you just feel like a slug -- like mud. There's going to be days that you feel fine. The only thing I can tell you to do is walk if you want to do that. I don't want you to do anything with bending over because you basically had an organ removed. You could always bust stitches, you could do this, you could do that. You could inflame an area.' You know, it's inside your body. It's not something you can see.

It still freaks me out, but it's a good thing that I got it taken care of now. I kind of laugh at it now and it's one of those things [that happens when you're] in the -- I guess you could say -- rock and roll era of wrestling where you're always on the road and traveling. Always eating and not always the best of foods. Always having a few drinks here or having something to eat there. Eating foods in other countries. It works on your insides. I had this same conversation with Lex about some of the stuff that he's gone through.

People don't realize the things we put our bodies through because we do so much 300 days a year. Whether it's; working out, traveling, eating at different places. It catches up with you. With some people, it's vanilla. You have simple things that it doesn't take surgeries to take care of. With [Lex]. he woke up one morning and he couldn't move. He was basically paralyzed from the neck down. Same sort of thing with me. I started drinking some fluids and the next thing you know, I can't keep it down. Some people go from vanilla to Rocky Road and you have that and it's just the way your body reacts to everything. Some people may not have a problem with anything for a long time.

His phone call with Buff Bagwell on Sunday and Bagwell's condition after his recent car accident: It really was a very bad accident. It was life-threatening for him. We only spoke for about five or ten minutes. He was in ICU and you don't have a phone in your own room in ICU. So, I called twice on Saturday and spoke to nurses, getting a little bit of information and he was in surgery all day. The family was there for a little bit and then they left to go home because they were exhausted. They'd been there all week because he was in ICU for most of the week. His surgery was a success.

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