Recently, both the World Heavyweight champion Sheamus and the former Divas champion Beth Phoenix were interviewed by SportsTownChicago.

When asked where she would rank herself amongst the greatest divas of all time, Beth Phoenix was none-too-humble.

"Well, it's sad that you had to go there and twist that little knife about me being a former Divas champion but I'd have to rank myself as absolutely #1 because I am. I have achieved more than any other WWE diva in the past. I'm a four time champion, the second female to ever compete in the Royal Rumble amongst many, many other accolades. Diva of the Year -- I mean, you name it, I've done it. So, I would put myself at #1. Absolutely," Beth said.

Sheamus, still currently the World Heavyweight champion, was asked about how this current reign compares to his earlier reigns as WWE champion.

"This time, I'm just going to try and stay at the top," Sheamus quipped. "Just keep winning. When I first became WWE champion twice, I was tiring over the stuff that happened with John Cena and then the Nexus stuff. It's been a long, hard road to main event WrestleMania with Daniel Bryan. It lasted all of 18 seconds but to be honest with you, the real feud [began at Extreme Rules in a two out of three falls match]. When I get past this hurdle with Daniel Bryan, hopefully, I'll be on a road to a long and prosperous reign as World Heavyweight champion."

You can check out the video below:

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