Recently, Gregory "Hurricane" Helms did an interview with Mauro Ranallo for The MMA Show to promote his new iPhone app: iMMAFightFan. During the interview, Helms discussed; recovering from his motorcycle accident, the app itself, Brock Lesnar's return and more. Here are some of the highlights:

On how he's recovering after his nearly fatal motorcycle crash that took place on May 5, 2011: The recovery is going as well as we expected. I almost lost my foot along with my life. So, the recovery has been pretty tough. Every day, it's been very painful, the therapies very painful. But, I'm already back in the ring in a limited capacity. Not quite at Hurricane level yet. But, I had to get back out there because it's my dream, it's what I love doing. So, it's going as well as can be expected. I only see good things happening in the future.

On his new partnership with the iMMAFightFan cell phone app: "Well, it's kind of a dream project. It's something I'm actually going to be doing for pro wrestling as well. But, first we wanted to do the one that was MMA-based. It's pronounced 'I'ma Fight Fan' but as you said, it's a little "i", capital "MMA". It's sort of like a [FIND] locator and this is something that you can't find anywhere else. It's exclusive only to this app.

"When you turn the app on, it will pretty much list every MMA show coming up for all the big, major companies. No doubt. But, it will also have a lot of smaller companies that you probably haven't ever heard of. This is where the app is really going to be beneficial because any company that gets the app -- and it's a totally free download -- they can go and put their even in there. It goes to our database and then anybody that has the app can find out about it.

"As MMA fighters know and just like you were talking about, promotion is everything. Especially on these smaller-scale shows. UFC, they've got their promotion down pat. Strikeforce, they've got their promotion down pat. But these smaller shows -- even Bellator just did some really bad ratings. They need help with that and that's what this app is designed to do.

"The best part of the app is when you turn it on, it goes into the GPS on your phone and it finds the shows that are closest to you. It just helped me out because there's a show 30 miles from my house which I didn't even know about."

On what he feels about Brock Lesnar's return means for the business: "I think it's definitely a plus for the business. I can't see anybody having a realistic argument against that. [Extreme Rules] itself, in my opinion, exceeded WrestleMania in execution. I don't know if expectations were low, I didn't think they were low, but it was definitely a barn-burner of a show.

"As a professional, I wasn't sure if Brock Lesnar was ready to come back and compete at that stage. But, it got really rough out there and it's got a lot of people talking. ... Like you said, that Chicago crowd was just out of control. One of the best crowds in the world and, as you well know, I've been in pretty much every country that does pro wrestling. Every major city in the world, I've been there and that Chicago crowd is at the very tip-top as far as reaction. ... We still have a higher injury rate than MMA. We still go out there and beat each other to death. But, there are some people because of the predetermined notions kind of shy away from it. But this match, Brock Vs. Cena, put a lot of doubts in people's minds."

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