Welcome to this week's edition of the WWE NXT Recap. Josh Matthews is on commentary as Matt Striker and William Regal are in the ring. They're still calling it Redemption. Striker welcomes Josh back. Regal has scouted some new talent and we'll see them soon.

Johnny Curtis and Maxine interrupt and walk to the ring. They are handcuffed and complain about the conditions on NXT. Regal says they both lost last week and he'll be reviewing their contracts. JTG comes to the ring. He tells Regal he's been hating him and ignoring his calls. He says the fans want to see him. Some of them cheer. Regal has Striker un-cuff Maxine and Curtis. Regal says he'll be teaming up with JTG and he asks who from the back wants to face them.

Tyson Kidd comes out and tells them to quit complaining and introduces his partner, Alex Riley.

JTG & Johnny Curtis vs. Tyson Kidd & Alex Riley


Maxine is on commentary. Tyson and Johnny start off. Tyson shows his athleticism as they go back and forth. Tyson gets a 2 and goes to an armbar. Alex tags in they double-team, and Alex gets a 2 on Johnny. JTG tags in and he and Alex go back and forth. Alex hits a nice spinebuster to JTG in the center of the ring. Alex and Johnny mix it up on the outside. Alex goes up top but is slammed off by JTG after a short distraction by Johnny from ringside.


Johnny comes in and prevents the tag to Tyson by Alex. Alex tries to mount a comeback but Johnny and JTG keep control, tagging in and out. The crowd starts a Daniel Bryan chant. JTG covers Alex and gets 2. Alex comes off the top with a clothesline to Johnny and makes the hot tag; JTG comes in too. Tyson hits a sick front dropkick and gets a 2. Johnny comes in to break up another pin on JTG. Alex comes in to clean house and then assists Tyson flip over the top and take out their opponents on the outside. Maxine tells Regal to expect a new Maxine next week. Back in the ring Tyson applies the Dungeon Lock on JTG who taps rather quickly.

Winners by Submission: Tyson Kidd & Alex Riley

Michael McGillicutty is backstage making fun of Percy Watson's boots. He asks how Percy's knee is after "falling" last week. Percy says he was attacked. McGillicutty says maybe it was Alex Riley. Watson says he got a one on one match with McGillicutty tonight from Regal. McGillicutty says he didn't attack him but he'll get the last laugh.


Regal and Matthews talk about the Lesnar-HHH angle from Monday.

-RAW Rebound: Starring Brock Lesnar

Matthews and Regal sell the angle some more. They are distracted by Reks & Hawkins who are in the audience with signs like "Regal Sucks." Regal stands up and has security remove them from the building. They kick and scream as they are kicked out.


JTG is walking backstage and he is angry. He is stopped by Alicia Fox He tells her he's got a dark cloud over his head. She asks him if he's looked in a mirror. She tells him he's stuck in Brooklyn, '98. She says he needs an update. She wants one week to make him over into a champ. He says "no" then comes back and says "one week."

Bateman and Kaitlyn are backstage talking and they hear a ruckus and run to investigate. Someone took out Riley's knee. Bateman finds some sort of rope as evidence and Kaitlyn says maybe it isn't McGillicutty. They take Riley to see a doctor.

Percy Watson vs. Michael McGillicutty

Watson gets the early advantage. He gets a near fall and goes to work on McGillicutty. Michael fights back and they go back and forth. McGillicutty goes for the injured knee. Watson fights back and gets a couple of near falls. McGillicutty takes Percy down with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. The ref goes to check on him and pushes McGillicutty back.


McGillicutty continues to work the leg. McGillicutty stomps Watson's left leg as Percy writhes in pain. Michael locks in a figure four. Regal says McGillicutty should have applied it with the hurt leg under the crossed leg (he's right). Watson punches his way out and hits a flurry of hands but his leg gives out. Michael goes for another figure four but Percy kicks him out of the ring. McGillicutty goes back in and bumps around for Watson. Watson hits a nice neckbreaker and gets2. Watson goes for a back body drop but Michael wiggles out and chop blocks the hurt knee. He pins him.

Winner by pin: Michael McGillicutty

Striker comes to ring side holding pieces of frayed rope and tells Regal something. Regal looks upset and grabs a mic to address Watson. He holds up the frayed rope and asks if it belongs to him. It's a missing tassel for one of his boots. He informs Watson of Riley being attacked backstage. He says security wants to have words with him. Watson limps toward Regal and Striker escorts him up the aisle. McGillicutty is in the taunting him, asking what did he do.

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