Re-post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video


Roode is backstage complaining about the no-DQ stipulation for tonight.

Kurt Angle and Kazarian & Daniels vs. AJ Styles and Magnus & Joe

All 6 men brawl in the ring. Angle and AJ start things off as the legal men. Joe tags in and hits a flurry of punches on Angle then he tags Magnus. Magnus is struck by Kazarian from the apron and gets a clothesline from Angle. AJ and Kazarian tag in. The ref has lost track of the legal men. Joe launches Daniels over the top and to the outside then flies through the ropes with a flying punch.

AJ goes to do the same but is caught by Angle in the ankle lock. Kazarian tags himself in and Angle is upset. AJ hits the Styles Clash on Kazarian for the win.

Winners by pin: AJ and Magnus & Joe

Angle yells at Kazarian. He pushes Daniels when he tries to calm him down. He corners Daniels but Daniels backs off. Daniels grabs the mic and says next week he will unveil the evidence.


Al Snow, Ric Flair, and Bruce Prichard are in the ring. Alex Silva is invited out. Flair votes "no." Snow votes "yes." They give Silva 30 seconds to sell himself. Silva talks to his dead dad. He talks about his passion since childhood. Flair says to talk to them, not the "marks." Siva intensifies his words and basically the same thing but with passion. Flair changes his vote and gives him a fist bump. Bruce says before that promo his answer was "no." But he says "yes." Silva cries and shakes their hands.

No-DQ Match: Bobby Roode vs. Mr. Anderson

Anderson attacks Roode in the aisle during his entrance. Anderson slingshots Roode into the steel post.


We are back in the ring and Roode is begging off on his knees. Roode hits a low blow. Anderson goes outside to regroup and Roode follows. They bring it back in and Roode gets a 2. Roode hits a suplex and then drops a knee on Anderson's face. Roode brings in a chair and lodges it in the turnbuckle. Anderson reverses and sends Roode into it instead. Both men exchange some punches. Anderson hits a series of offense and gets a 2. Roode avoids a Mic Check and hits a big boot.

Roode goes up top but is stopped. Roode hits a spinebuster for a 2. Roode goes for a DDT on the chair but Hardy comes in and starts to strike Roode. Hardy goes to check on Anderson who grabs Hardy and hits the Mic Check. Roode hits Anderson in the gut then on the back with the chair. He pins him with a fisherman suplex.

Winner by pin: Roode

Roode attacks both men with the chair repeatedly. RVD comes to the rescue as Roode escapes. Roode comes in and gets a shot in with the chair on RVD behind his back. He DDT's him on the chair.

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