Scott Steiner isn't the only former WCW wrestler that Eric Bischoff is upset with. The former WCW President wasn't happy with our recent Scotty Riggs interview. He went on his Twitter and blasted Riggs and us "internet dirt sites."

"Just read an intvw w/ Scotty Riggs about WCW and working for me," wrote Bischoff. "He claims I hired Russo and Ferrara. Speaks volumes about these types of Interviews on the 'Death of WCW'. He worked there and is COMPLETELY uniformed about something like that? What a joke. Hes in good company. And people don't understand why I think the internet dirt-sites and crap they post is such a joke. Perfect example.

"Unfortunately uninformed media (advertisers, networks etc) who don't know what a cesspool of b.s. most of these sites contain read them. These idiots hurt the biz they say they are passionate about and don't even know it. 90% of these sites are nothing but garbage. Chow down!"

When Riggs was asked by a Twitter user about his thoughts on Bischoff claiming that the interview contained "several un-truths," Bischoff replied, "No..I said he [Riggs] was a joke. He has zero credibility, and neither do 90% of the 'experts' who were not there."

Another user sent a message to Bischoff yesterday, writing that Scott Steiner did not need TNA since he is working for Ring Ka King, which is an uninformed statement. Bischoff replied, "This one defines the collective intelligence of the IWC. Do you know Scotty Riggs?"

Riggs replied to Bischoff's recent messages, writing on his Twitter, "Bischoff has been talking s--t about me since I did an honest interview for @WrestlingInc w/ @RajGiri_303!!!"

It is strange that Bischoff would be so upset over an innocent mistake, especially when Riggs credited him for business catching fire in the '90s and for giving him his first deal. It is true that Bischoff didn't hire Vince Russo and Ed Ferrera, they were hired by Bill Busch. Busch hired them less than a month after replacing Bischoff, who was removed from his position by Harvey Schiller, so it's easy to see how someone could have gotten the timeline confused during a period when there was so much craziness going on within the company. I don't think it's much more inaccurate than Eric Bischoff claiming that "Impact has a larger audience than ever" last month.

Riggs also didn't blame Bischoff for the "death of WCW," but was simply giving his opinion about some of the problems that existed in the company at the time.

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