WWE Smackdown Recap: Sheamus Vs Bryan, Sandow Debut, Ryback

WWE Smackdown Recap: Sheamus Vs Bryan, Sandow Debut, Ryback
Welcome to the Smackdown Recap. The opening video runs and we get pyro and crowd shots. Josh Matthews is on commentary and he says it's a chaotic time in WWE. We will follow up on the HHH-Lesnar situation and the Cena-Laurinaitis issue. Michael Cole is there as well. So is Booker T.

Sheamus makes a full entrance to a good reaction. He says he's out here doing what he loves, fight. He loves to fight no matter where it is. He says Daniel Bryan almost tore is shoulder off at Extreme Rules and tonight he wants to finish the job. He says he gave Byran a one word answer when he asked for a match, "Yes, Yes " Bryan's music hits and Sheamus continues to chant "Yes!" as Bryan comes to ringside. He literally says it about a hundred times. Bryan is not pleased. Sheamus stop and Bryan gets in the ring. Cole says Sheamus stole Bryan's catchphrase. Booker says he stole his title.

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan

Sheamus favors his left shoulder but manages an early shoulder block to Bryan who gets up smiling. Bryan goes for the left arm Sheamus elbows him in the face and Bryan goes down. Bryan hits a reverse armbreaker then proceeds to stomp Sheamus' left arm in the corner. The ref pulls him off. Bryan continues to work the arm. Sheamus tries some elbows to fight back. He starts unloading on Bryan in the corner.

He clotheslines Bryan out of the ring. From out of nowhere Sheamus turns around into a splash from Ricardo Rodriguez off the top. Del Rio enters and punts him in the head and applies a cross armbreaker. Bryan comes in as Del Rio backs off. Bryan applies the Yes Lock. Two refs get him off. Del Rio and Bryan have words. Sheamus rolls out of the ring but wants back in. The refs won't let him.

Winner by disqualification: Sheamus


Sheamus is tended to backstage and is angry and doesn't cooperate with the trainers as they him questions.

Kofi & Truth come to the ring to Kofi's music. We see a video of their title win from Monday. Hunico & Camacho make their way down.

Kofi & Truth vs. Hunico & Camacho

Before the bell rings Epico & Primo's music hits and they come out on the stage with AW and Rosa Mendes. Truth and Kofi take control on Hunico. Hunico knocks Kofi out of the ring and this allows Camacho to hit a vicious clothesline on the outside. Back in the ring Hunico gets a near fall and chokes Kofi with his boot in the corner. Camacho comes in and delivers a delayed suplex to Kofi and gets 2. Camacho continues to cut the ring off. Hunico tags in and delivers a Jeff Hardy style double dropkick in the corner. Booker calls it "Two feet to the Mush."

Kofi fights back an armdrag to Hunico and leaps to make a tag but Hunico catches him. Hunico tries to punch Truth on the apron but Truth block him and Hunico turns around into a monkey flip by Kofi. Truth and Camacho both tag in and Truth hits a flurry of his signature offense. Hunico comes in to break a pin and gets punched by Truth. Kofi gives Hunico a Truth assisted hurricanrana and Hunico goes flying out of the ring. In the ring Truth does a split to avoid Camacho and catches him in the Little Jimmy for the win.

Winners by pin: Truth & Kofi

AW and company look-on from the stage. Kofi & Truth acknowledge them and raise their titles in the air. They are inviting them down to the ring but AW tells Epico & Primo to stay back.

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