WWE Smackdown Recap: Sheamus Vs Bryan, Sandow Debut, Ryback


Cody stomps Show in the ring and tags Kane. Crowd chants for Show. Kane puts the boots Show. Cody does too, behind the ref's back. Kane gets 2. Kane applies a rear choke. Show works his way up and side slams Kane to get free. Both men make the tag. Orton dominated Cody. He goes for the DDT in the ropes but Kane saves him. Orton hits it on Kane instead. Orton looks for the RKO but Kane counters and pushes him off. Cody pulls the rope down and Orton goes flying to the outside.

Kane tries to ram Orton into the pole but Orton turns the tables but Kane prevents his face from making contact with the steel. Kane delivers a big boot and takes Orton back in. Kane gets a 2 count and tags Cody. Orton fights back but Cody hits a standing dropkick and tags Kane. Show tries to rally the crowd. Kane whips Orton into the corner and follows in but Orton hits him with a reverse elbow. Orton hits a desperate backbreaker.

Show gets in position for the tag but Orton crawls toward the wrong corner and he turns around into a clothesline from Kane. Cody tags in to make the cover and gets a 2. Orton fights up and hits a back body drop. He tags Show who launches Cody for a back body drop. Show goes for a chokeslam but Kane comes off the top and stops him. Orton hits the RKO on Kane. Cody sends Orton shoulder first into the post. Cody goes for the Disaster Kick on Show but Show swats him away in the chest. Show hits the WMD.

Winners by pin: Show & Orton

Matt Striker is outside the medical room. Sheamus storms out and Striker asks him if he's cleared. Sheamus says he came here to fight and that's what he's going to do.


Layla vs. Natalya

Natalya is already in the ring. They go back and forth with some nice moves and counters. Natalya finally hits a forearm in the face to get the advantage. She plants Layla face-first on the mat. Natalya delivers a clothesline and gets a 2. Layla hits a nice takedown and a neckbreaker for the win.

Winner by pin: Layla

-Cena on Dream Machines next week on SyFy

Eve is directing a photo shoot for Aksana and Antonio. She wants the right lighting and makeup, etc. She tells Antonio to be a little more intense. She says he looks a little dry and asks for some oil. She wants Teddy Long to apply the oil. Teddy comes in with his large name tag and says he's not rubbing oil on a man. Eve tells him to make himself useful. Teddy rubs oil on Antonio's back and chest and doesn't look happy.


Kaitlyn and Alicia Fox are talking backstage; AJ shows up. Alicia leaves them so they can be alone. AJ says
she can't believe what she did to her last week. She wants forgiveness and says she's lost. Kaitlyn says she felt betrayed and she believes her but her pity party over Daniel Bryan needs to stop. AJ immediately smacks her in the face hard and Kaitlyn goes down. AJ walks away with a cold look in her eyes. Kaitlyn holds her face and looks on in disbelief.

Cole says AJ has completely lost it. Matthews throws to the HHH-Lesnar recap.

-RAW Rebound

Matthews says HHH suffered a broken arm and Cole says he has tendon damage and will need surgery. He says you have to assume Brock will be fired but they haven't heard anything official.

Del Rio's music hits and he drives up in a silver Bentley, introduced by Ricardo. He is going to join commentary. They show what happened to Sheamus earlier. Del Rio shakes Cole's hand but makes Ricardo shakes Booker's hand instead.

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