Mick Foley was in Cleveland yesterday for his comedy tour and he spoke with WOIO entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet.

During the interview, Foley said that he thinks John Cena was hurt badly enough in his Extreme Rules match with Brock Lesnar that the match "should have been stopped". He also implied that Brock is a selfish person and a "mean guy."

Foley talked about why he left TNA and went back to WWE, saying no one really ever recognized him for being a TNA wrestler and that WWE made it easy because they started promoting his book.

He said he was backstage at WrestleMania 28, and in his opinion, the Undertaker and HHH match was the best match of the night. Foley also said he received a standing ovation from the wrestlers in the backstage area after his Socko and Cobra segment with Santino Marella at the Royal Rumble.

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