Thanks to reader Ryan Malone for sending these results from last night's RAW live event in Huntsville, AL:

The arena was about 3/4 full, most of the top section was empty. The first match was a tag match.

R-Truth came out and said that Kofi Kingston couldn't be there tonight but Little Jimmy found him a good partner and out came Santino Marella. Then out came Primo and Epico with Rosa Mendez. It was a pretty good match. Primo and Epico had control the majority of the match on Santino. Santino finally tagged in R-Truth. R-Truth pinned Epico for the win.

Next Jack Swagger came on the screen from backstage saying that he would beat Brodus Clay later tonight.

Next came out Husky Harris under his new gimmick. I don't remember his new name. He cut a promo which I don't really remember because it wasn't anything special. His opponent was Zack Ryder. Ryder got a big pop. Ryder won with the Rough Rider.

The next match was Tyson Kidd vs JTG. It was a really good match. It was pretty back and forth. Kidd won with a cool submission. It looked like he was going for the Sharpshooter but then he went on his back and grabbed JTG'S head. JTG tapped out.

Justin Roberts announced that Dolph Ziggler would fight fir the WWE title and wanted a 2 out of 3 falls match. Roberts said the Laurentis said that because of people power the fans could text what match they wanted, a 2 out of 3 falls match or a street fight.

Next out is the Funkasaurus Brodus Clay with Hornswoggle and his dancers. They got such a huge pop. The crowd loved Brodus. His opponent is Jack Swagger. Swagger got a lot of heat. Brodus won after his splash. After the match Brodus brought some kids into the ring to dance. It was,pretty fun. Most of the kids were taller than Hornswoggle.

Next up is Kelly Kelly vs Rosa Mendez. It, was a pretty quick match with Kelly getting the win.

And we go to intermission.

After intermission Lord Tensai comes out to a somewhat unenthusiastic response. His opponent is John Cena. The crowd goes crazy. He got by far the biggest pop of the night. He has his arm rapped up selling his injury. Tensai targets the arm and has control the majority rof the match. He hits most of his big moves like the splash and the baldo bomb but can't get the pin. Cena gets some offense but is stopped quickly. Tensai goes to spray the green mist but misses and his the referee. Cena winds by DQ. After the match Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment and the crowd goes crazy. There were huge "Let's Go Cena" chants but very little to no "Cena Sucks" chants. Alabama loves Cena.

Now it's time for the main event. First comes out Dolph Ziggler to the most heat of the night. Then we hear the static and Cult of Personality starts playing and the crowd goes nuts. Justin Roberts announces that the crowd picked a street fight. Punk and the crowd were happy but Ziggler was pissed. The match starts and whenever Ziggler knocks Punk down, Ziggler jumps to the top rope to showoff. Then the started bringing out some weapons. Punk throws in a kendo stick and some chairs. He even uses the microphone. Punk wedges a chair in the corner turnbuckle. Ziggler takes control and gets a coupe if good kendo shots in including a nut shot. Ziggler tried to throw Punk into the chair but Punk reverses. Punk then climbs the ropes and hit the Randy Savage elbow. The hits the GTS for the 1-2-3.

It was a fun show. The crowd was really into it. The biggest pop went to Cena and then Punk. Ziggler got the most heat. The best technical match was Tyson Kidd vs JTG but Punk vs Ziggler was the most entertaining.

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