Thanks to reader @ThrillaSwag for sending in these results from last night's Smackdown live in North Charleston, SC:

The coliseum was less than half full and mostly kids. The crowd was not really into any of the matches, but it was a pretty good show nonetheless. The infamous "sign guy" was there and was really obnoxious, as all the wrestlers would talk trash to him and not pay attention to anybody else in the crowd.

The show started with The Usos and The Great Khali beating Jinder Mahal, Hunico and Camacho.

Next, Heath Slater got squashed by Ryback (who is ridiculously big in person).

Layla defeated Natalya in a slow, drawn out match that the crowd was not really into.

Drew McIntyre came out and said his win streak is going to start tonight in Charleston (which he took as an opportunity to bash Charleston), and was then beaten by Bo Rotundo. In an interesting note, when Drew McIntyre's music hit, there was a collective sigh as the crowd was genuinely disappointed it was him that was wrestling next.

Randy Orton vs Kane in a No DQ match was next, which saw a little bit of fighting up the ramp and back to the ring, and a couple kendo stick shots to each person. Kane hit a chokeslam, but Orton kicked out. Kane brought a chair into the ring, but Orton ended up laying it down and hitting the hanging DDT on Kane onto the chair. Orton eventually won with the RKO.


Christian defeated Yoshi Tatsu with the Killswitch after a drawn out match with a lot of playing to the crowd and not much action.

Cody Rhodes came out and cut an anti-Charleston promo and talked about how great he is. Big Show came out for the Intercontinental title match. Show dominated the entire match until Cody hit him with a chair for the DQ. Big Show proceeded to destroy Rhodes to the delight of the fans.

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio (subbing for Christian, who was originally scheduled for this match) for the World Heavyweight Championship was next. Bryan and Del Rio somewhat worked together to beat down Sheamus, whose arm was wrapped up. It was a good match, with a lot of crowd interaction from Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. The match ended with Sheamus throwing Del Rio out the ring onto Ricardo Rodriguez, then hitting the Brogue Kick on Bryan for the win.

Biggest Pops
Randy Orton
Big Show (he's from SC)

Most Heat
Cody Rhodes
Heath Slater (the crowd hated him)
Alberto Del Rio

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