Eric Bischoff Discusses Scott Steiner's Twitter Rants, 'Open Fight Night' & More TNA Changes

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Source: The One Wrestling Show

"The second one is 'Open Fight Night'. The 'Open Fight Night' format is essentially a format where any wrestler can challenge any other wrestler and the wrestler that's being challenged has to take the challenge. Additionally, if someone challenges a champion, that world champion has to take that challenge regardless of any other condition. And as part of 'Open Fight Night', we're going to have the 'Gut Check' segment.

"The 'Gut Check' segment is a segment where an aspiring young wrestler, who really has never been on national television before and is not a member of the TNA roster, is going to get an opportunity to have a television match. If that wrestler impresses the judges enough -- and that doesn't mean he or she has to win or lose, he or she just has to put on a great performance -- if that aspiring wrestler impresses the judges, then that wrestler gets a TNA contract.

"So, that's essentially 'Open Fight Night' which includes the gut check challenge. And there's two others formats but your listeners will probably get bored if I go into the detail of them but one of them is called 'Name Your Game', which we'll be seeing in the next couple of weeks and the other is called 'Law & Order'. That's the last episode that we'll lay down before we go into a pay-per-view.

"So, they're four different, very specific formats that were designed to achieve very specific results. It was really something that Jason and I brought from our outside wrestling, television experience into TNA."

On where the talent will come from for the gut check challenge and whether TNA's new deal with OVW will affect that: "Certainly, some talent will come from OVW. I'm sure a lot of talent try-outs will come from OVW given the relationship that we have with them. But it's not exclusive.

"There will be other wrestlers, from other parts of the country, who are training at others schools and are not apart of OVW. They will also get an opportunity. ... Theoretically, it's open to anyone. Al Snow is actually the person that's driving that program and heading up that program. If anybody from anywhere in the world wants to come in and get an opportunity to go to the 'Gut Check' on 'Open Fight Night' on Impact!, they just have to go through Al.

"They have to be qualified. There has to be a real good reason for us to put them on national television. But, yeah. Anybody from around the world." is the largest independently owned wrestling website in the world (Source: Alexa). Follow us on Twitter by clicking the "Follow" button below:

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