- Kevin Steen was a guest this past weekend on The LAW promoting the Ring of Honor Border Wars iPPV event this Saturday in Toronto, Ontario at the Reeve Arena. Steen also chatted about being ready for the top spot in the company, the changes to the company over the past few years and also responded to the recent comments made by Austin Aries about the current ROH product and calling it "a shell of it's former self in terms of the vision and thought process."

"Here's the thing, I like Austin, I'm friends with him, and I understand what he was trying to say," said Steen. "In a lot of ways, I'm sure some people agree, but I certainly don't, and a lot of the guys don't agree either. I think he said what he said because when things with Ring of Honor ended for him, they didn't end positively, and I mean I was in that batch too. When he left, I left as well. The difference is, I came back. He didn't, he went elsewhere, and it worked out for him, and he's doing great. I told him that I'm really happy to see how great he's doing.

"I think everybody's got different opinions. I mean, that's how he feels about the product, but I don't even know how much he watches the product. I think this might have been something he's saying because he left for a reason, and that reason is in charge of Ring of Honor. I'm pretty sure he was just venting. I don't think he's actually watching the product enough to say something like that and for it to be accurate, but that's fine, people will talk. Austin Aries has always been a very outspoken person, I don't expect him to change. I didn't take it as a personal insult at all, and I don't think anybody else does. If anything, what he said might have been directed to some people, but I don't think it was directed at me, or the Briscoes, or any of the guys that have been there for a long time. We all worked together, we were on the road together. If anything, he's probably behind us and hopes that we do good."

The full interview with Kevin Steen on The LAW is available at this link.

- theScore's Arda Ocal recently sat down with WWE Commentator Jerry "The King" Lawler, here are some highlights:

How his illustrations gave him his break in pro wrestling: "I sent the pictures into the TV station that aired the wrestling shows and lo and behold they showed my pictures on TV that week and they called me up for a job you know how in a courtroom you see an artist drawing people on the stand, well I became a ringside artist for the wrestlers in the ring."

Never having a major injury, especially to his knees, despite never wearing kneepads and performing a second rope fist drop which lands him on his knees almost every match: "I'm so fortunate do have had a great career doing something that I loved so much I would have payed promoters in the beginning to let me wrestle. Never having an injury is pure luck. We see so many young guys come in and within 6 months of their career they get some sort of career threatening injury, it can happen anytime and I've been fortunate to avoid those."

You can check out the interview below:

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