Scott Steiner is back with some more rants on Eric Bischoff - revealing new details about Eric's involvement in the Gold Club Atlanta strip club scandal. Steiner talks about Eric Bischoff and his wife talking strippers to a hotel for some late night activities - and the only reason this information got out is because Bischoff is a bad tipper:

"b---hoff also said in interview Im going thru a mid-life crisis and im a drug abuser,pretty stupid statement.

"Since his business partner Hogan recently did a sex video and hes over 60,and hogan testified under Oath that he did steroids,WTF b---hoff how stupid are you,in these interviews you cant deny What Ive been saying,so you say stupid s--t and bury yourself and Hogan.

"Havent had a chance to post 609b---hoffs testimony yet,but since Ive been getting alot of tweets Back wanting to know about it,Again 609 is the last sequence in his docket # 1:19-CR-609 and he Testifies under oath that he and his wife go to the Gold Club and pick up a stripper and take her To a hotel,he watches his wife have lesbian sex with the stripper and then he joins them,but the best But the best part is reading his testimony and you can see what a weasle he is.

"Also in reading his testimony you find out the only way he gets caught is he gave the stripper a Bulls--t tip,and she gets pissed goes back to the Gold Club tells her boss what he tipped her. He then goes into the register and gives her a bigger tip.......BUSTED..if he would have just gave her a Good tip her boss wouldnt have gone into the register,the FBI was watching all transactions.

"I betcha 609b---hoff whos always bragging about how much money he has,wishes he would have gave her A better tip,that must drive you nuts at night,knowing that if you werent such a cheap-ass you could Have avoided all this embarrassment,Hey Eric when you explain lesbian sex to 609garrett And your daughter can you have a fan videotape it,I think this is just the fan participation that hogan was Talking about.

"This was another reason why I left,I wasnt going to watch a low-life low-class piece of s--t like you run Tna into the ground like you did WCW,Trust me I'm just getting started...F*CK U. 609 Save Tna."

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