WWE NXT Recap: Reks & Hawkins' New Role, Who Attacked Bateman?, The New Maxine, JTG's New Look

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Welcome to the Wrestlinginc.com WWE NXT Recap.

Josh Matthews welcomes us the show then throws to Matt Striker who is in the ring with William Regal.

Striker says we'll see the tag match that didn't take place two weeks ago due to Percy Watson being attacked. Regal says he's spoken to Percy Watson and he doesn't believe Percy had anything to do with the attack last week. Regal has hired a security firm to watch things backstage. Striker says they're here and calls them out.

Reks & Hawkins walk out in suits. They say they're glad to be back on NXT, a show that they built from the ground up. Regal calls for security. Reks & Hawkins say that they applied for new jobs and Laurinaitis hired them as security. They get on the apron and say they're here to serve and protect so little guys like Striker don't get kidnapped. Striker lunges at them but Regal holds him back. Regal says until he gets a chance to talk to Laurinaitis, there is not much he can do. Regal says nothing better happen or getting fired will be the least of their worries. Hawkins says he and Reks are the eyes and ears of NXT and there is going to be change.


Tamina Snuka vs. Maxine

Tamina makes her entrance followed by Maxine who comes out handcuffed to Johnny Curtis and with a live mic. She says Regal looks so handsome. She asks Tamina if she can call her Tammy. She says is looking forward to having a match with her. She says she is a new Maxine and that Tammy should smile more and that she likes her. The ref un-cuffs Maxine from Curtis, who joins commentary.

Maxine hits some punches on Tamina and then gets double axe-handled. Maxine rolls to the outside to regroup. She works over Tamina on the apron and in the ropes. Maxine gets a 2 then applies a full nelson. Curtis says he's miserable with Maxine. Tamina breaks free but Maxine jumps on her and applies her monkey choke hold. Tamina starts fading but then rams Maxine into the corner to get free.

Maxine charges at Tamina but gets clotheslined twice and then hit with a reverse elbow. On the third go-round Tamina ducks a clothesline attempt, hits the ropes and flies into Maxine with a double axe handle. Tamina hits a Samoan Drop and signals that she is going up top. She leaps and Maxine moves causing Tamina to belly flop hard on the canvas. Maxine applies a dragon sleeper with a body scissors; Tamina taps.

Winner by submission: Maxine

Maxine goes ringside and thanks Regal off mic while Curtis just stands there with a weird look on his face. She gladly holds out her wrist for Regal to cuff them. Maxine is all smiles as she leads Curtis away while Regal and Matthews chuckle in disbelief.


Yoshi Tatsu makes his way to the ring. Alicia Fox comes out and introduces "from Brooklyn 2012, the fresh and fly, and now Fox-i-fied JTG. He comes out in traditional black and red wrestling trunks and boots with a black studded vest and shades. His braids are half undone toward the back of his head.

JTG and Yoshi lock up and JTG gets going first by ramming Yoshi's head into the turnbuckle. Yoshi makes a comeback with chops to the chest and a Tomahawk chop off the second rope. Yoshi hits a standing dropkick and tries a running elbow in the corner but JTG moves. JTG capitalizes with a running forearm which sends Yoshi to the mat. JTG drops elbows on the back of Yoshi's head and gets 2. JTG drops Yoshi with a neckbreaker using Yoshi's own ponytail. Yoshi's mouth is busted open as JTG puts him in a modified reverse chinlock.

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