WWE NXT Recap: Reks & Hawkins' New Role, Who Attacked Bateman?, The New Maxine, JTG's New Look

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Kidd has a headlock applied to McGillicutty in the center of the ring. McGillicutty escapes as Kidd hits the ropes but is knocked off by Curtis. McGillicutty makes the cover and gets about a 1 and a half. Curtis tags in and stomps Kidd in the corner. McGillicutty tags right back in and hits a backbreaker for a 2. McGillicutty tags Curtis, hits a backslide on Kidd, then Curtis springboards into the ring with a legdrop on Kidd. Kidd kicks out of the pin. Curtis drives his knee into the back of Kidd's neck.

Curtis hits a nice snap suplex for another near fall. Curtis tags McGillicutty and they attempt a double team backdrop, but Kidd manages to get a kick in to Curtis and then McGillicutty. Kidd sends Curtis to the outside. McGillicutty grabs Kidd's leg trying to prevent the tag but Kidd kicks him off and makes the hot tag to Percy. Percy hits punches and dropkicks to McGillicutty. Percy hits a flying clothesline, a belly-to-belly, and the Heisman Splash but Curtis breaks the count.

Kidd comes in and kicks Curtis in the back of the head in the corner. Percy avoids a Stinger Splash and launches McGillicutty from a fireman's carry and gets the pin.

Winners by pin: Kidd & Watson

Reks & Hawkins come out on the ramp as Percy and Kidd are walking up. They have Percy's red shades and they confront him about it. They want Percy to come with them. Percy attacks them but they restrain Percy and take him to the back as Percy tries to resist.

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