- WWE's Senior Vice President of Digital Jason Koch participated in Ad Age's Social Engagement/Social TV conference on Wednesday. Koch talked about how WWE tested in-person social engagement at a live event in Huntsville, Alabama last week, encouraging fans to share photos and vote on a type of match for the main event. Koch reported that 25% of the fans in attendance voted.

- WWE United States Champion Santino Marella wrote on Twitter that he was dealing with a sore back.

- WWE has added Antonio Cesaro to the SmackDown roster page.

- We noted yesterday that Mick Foley has been advised by concussion experts to dramatically cut back on his time in front of computers. Foley's history of concussions has caught up with him. FCW star Dean Ambrose, who Foley has been feuding with online, responded with the following:

"You reap what you sow :) @realMickFoley #thanksmick"

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