Impact Wrestling Results (With Video): Big Return, Fatal Four Way, Sacrifice Hype, AJ's Secret

Impact Wrestling Results (With Video): Big Return, Fatal Four Way, Sacrifice Hype, AJ's Secret
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The show opens with a video package of Roode's actions from last week. Roode makes his full entrance to the ring.

Bobby Roode says he is the greatest champion in history and the most dominant. He says he took out Hardy, Anderson, and RVD to prove it. The crowd chants for RVD. He says he will become the longest reigning champ in history. He says nobody will stop him.

RVD enters the ring and attacks as Roode escapes up the ramp. Mr. Anderson comes up from behind on the ramp and strikes with punches as RVD sends him in the ring. Hardy joins them as the three men stomp Roode in the corner. The men start fighting each other. Officials come in to break the men up.

Hogan comes out and says he smells blood and he likes it. He says he has an idea but he has to get RVD to agree. He wants a fatal four-way. Whoever wins they become the #1 contender at the PPV. If Roode wins he can pick his opponent. If RVD wins he gets to make the stipulation at Sacrifice. RVD agrees, Hogan thanks him.

Bully Ray is backstage talking about Austin Aries being a thorn in his side. He's tired of Aries bullying him around. He says he's going to take care of his little problem; he says just watch.


Gail Kim is complaining to Madison Rayne about Brooke Tessmacher. Madison is in the mirror and not really paying attention. Gail asks what her deal is. She says there is this guy…Gail leaves.

Velvet Skye comes to the ring. So does Brooke

Velvet Skye vs. Brooke Tessmacher

They lockup and make a clean break twice and show each other their butts. Velvet sends Brooke to the corner and follows in with a forearm. Brooke sends Velvet in and monkey flips her. Brooke goes for another one but Velvet pushes her off. Brooke hits a dropkick then delivers a Stinkface in the corner. Brooke attempts a charging Stinkface but Velvet moves and bulldogs her; she gets a 2.

Velvet goes to work in the corner and then hits a basement dropkick for another near fall. Velvet goes for a double underhook but Brooke rams her away. Brooke drop toe-holds Velvet to the turnbuckle and hits a front face slam for the win.

Winner by pin: Brooke Tessmacher

Gail Kim comes in and attacks Brooke from behind. She blows kisses and hits the Eat Defeat. She antagonizes the laid out Brooke with the title belt and says she is a piece of trash.


Crimson makes his entrance. Matt Morgan comes down the ramp but is attacked from behind with a chain. He grabs a chair and hits Morgan in the head. Bully says Austin Aries that will be you. The agents come out to check on Morgan. Bully says to not touch him or he'll do it again. Morgan is busted open and is shaking.

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