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The show opens with a video package of Roode's actions from last week. Roode makes his full entrance to the ring.

Bobby Roode says he is the greatest champion in history and the most dominant. He says he took out Hardy, Anderson, and RVD to prove it. The crowd chants for RVD. He says he will become the longest reigning champ in history. He says nobody will stop him.

RVD enters the ring and attacks as Roode escapes up the ramp. Mr. Anderson comes up from behind on the ramp and strikes with punches as RVD sends him in the ring. Hardy joins them as the three men stomp Roode in the corner. The men start fighting each other. Officials come in to break the men up.

Hogan comes out and says he smells blood and he likes it. He says he has an idea but he has to get RVD to agree. He wants a fatal four-way. Whoever wins they become the #1 contender at the PPV. If Roode wins he can pick his opponent. If RVD wins he gets to make the stipulation at Sacrifice. RVD agrees, Hogan thanks him.

Bully Ray is backstage talking about Austin Aries being a thorn in his side. He's tired of Aries bullying him around. He says he's going to take care of his little problem; he says just watch.


Gail Kim is complaining to Madison Rayne about Brooke Tessmacher. Madison is in the mirror and not really paying attention. Gail asks what her deal is. She says there is this guy…Gail leaves.

Velvet Skye comes to the ring. So does Brooke

Velvet Skye vs. Brooke Tessmacher

They lockup and make a clean break twice and show each other their butts. Velvet sends Brooke to the corner and follows in with a forearm. Brooke sends Velvet in and monkey flips her. Brooke goes for another one but Velvet pushes her off. Brooke hits a dropkick then delivers a Stinkface in the corner. Brooke attempts a charging Stinkface but Velvet moves and bulldogs her; she gets a 2.

Velvet goes to work in the corner and then hits a basement dropkick for another near fall. Velvet goes for a double underhook but Brooke rams her away. Brooke drop toe-holds Velvet to the turnbuckle and hits a front face slam for the win.

Winner by pin: Brooke Tessmacher

Gail Kim comes in and attacks Brooke from behind. She blows kisses and hits the Eat Defeat. She antagonizes the laid out Brooke with the title belt and says she is a piece of trash.


Crimson makes his entrance. Matt Morgan comes down the ramp but is attacked from behind with a chain. He grabs a chair and hits Morgan in the head. Bully says Austin Aries that will be you. The agents come out to check on Morgan. Bully says to not touch him or he'll do it again. Morgan is busted open and is shaking.


During the commercial: Morgan is stretchered to the back as Bully looks on from the ramp.

Crimson grabs a mic and says he can't believe what he just saw. He says Morgan said he was going to be the first to beat him but he couldn't even make it to the ring. He tells the ref to give Morgan one more chance to come out and wrestle. He forces the ref to make the count. He gets to 10 and awards the match to Crimson. Crimson says Morgan is pathetic.

-RVD video package talking about what set him apart as a child


X-Division Championship: Austin Aries (c) vs. Zema Ion

The lock up and make a clean break; Ion grabs his hairspray and fixes his hair. Aries puts him in a head lock and gives him a noogie, messing his hair up. Aries hits a beautiful standing dropkick from a hand stand. Ion goes to the outside to regroup but Aries goes up top and flies off. Ion moves leaving Aries to come down hard on the security rail. Ion flips over the top onto Aries on the outside. Back in the ring, Aries fights back but Ion regains control and gets a 2 count. Ion springs off the second turnbuckle for a back flip but Aries gets his knees up.

Aries hits punches in the corner, sends Ion to the opposite corner, and hits a tornado forearm. Aries clotheslines him out of the ring and flies through the ropes on top of him. Back in the ring, Aries does an elaborate splash on Ion for a near fall. Aries goes for a brain buster but Ion powers him to the corner. Ion tries a hurricanrana off the top but Aries stiffens up and Ion goes crashing to the canvas. Aries comes off the top with a dropkick. Aries hits a running dropkick and then a brain buster for the win.

Winner by pin and STILL X-Division Champion: Austin Aries

Daniels & Kazarian are backstage discussing whether or not they should expose AJ. They are on their way to the arena.


RVD is backstage saying he is confident about winning tonight and he shines when things are his way. That is why he risked his shot. He is thinking of things he can do to Roode: hit him with chairs, ladders.

-Video package of the AJ and Kazarian & Daniels saga.

Daniels & Kazarian are in the ring. Daniels says he is going to give AJ one more chance to come out and set the record straight. AJ doesn't come out. Daniels says he feels the fans deserve to know the truth. AJ's music hits.

AJ says it needs to stop now because they are about to make a mistake. Kazarian says AJ made the mistake and that at first he was protecting him. They have pictures of AJ and Dixie Carter. The next picture shows AJ's hand on Dixie's face. The next one shows them kissing. AJ is speechless. Daniels says AJ is the poster boy of the company and a picture is worth a thousand words. They drop the photos at AJ's feet and leave the ring. AJ looks conflicted.


TNA Television Championship: Devon (c) vs. Robbie E. w/ Robbie T.

Robbie T. tries to hit Devon with the clipboard but Devon cleans house. Devon hits a Thesz Press and unloads on Robbie E. Robbie T. grabs Devon's foot and pulls him out of the ring behind the ref's back. Devon sends him into the steel steps. Robbie E. comes out to the rescue but is punched in the face and laid out. Devon sends him back in and hits a monster spinebuster for the win.

Winner by pin and STILL Television Champion: Devon

Robbie T. attacks Devon from behind and powerslams him. He helps Robbie E. who can barely stand but raises the belt over his head.

-Video of James Storm's last interview saying maybe his luck has run out

Storm narrates a video and talks about his mental state. He says has to get his head clear and he let everyone down. He is shown at his ranch. He has been asking himself if he wants to wrestle anymore. He says if it's still in his heart then this place will tell him.

Joseph Park asks someone which way the ring is.


Devon says it's never been a fair fight ever since he won the title. He says at Sacrifice he will face both men and he will still win.

-Vignette of the Abyss/Joseph Park story.

Joseph Park comes down the aisle and has trouble getting in the ring and starts talking without a mic. Somebody gives him a mic and he says he's a little bit nervous. He says during his investigation he found a common thread: Bully Ray. He says he may buy a ticket and watch Sacrifice on Sunday.

Bully Ray interrupts. He says this is a load of crap. He says something is not right with Abyss and Park. He asks Park if this looks like a courtroom to him. He says it's a wrestling ring and he has no business being in one. Park tells him to please calm down. He asks didn't Abyss beat him on his last match? He asks didn't Devon beat him too? The crowd chants "You're a loser." Park reminds him of last week when a man half his size (Aries) beat him down. He asks how that bullying thing is working out for him.

Bully violently pushes him to the mat and says that is how it's working out for him. Park looks surprised and startled on the mat as Bully leaves but a smile comes across his face as he sits up.

Mr. Anderson is backstage talking about his match tonight. He is seeking retribution from Roode to get his title back.


-Highlights of TNA's 10th Anniversary

Kurt Angle is backstage and he doesn't care about the allegations about AJ. He says AJ better focus on him and worry about the allegations when his bones are healing after their match.

TNA Sacrifice Card:

-Video package of RVD about the passion necessary to be a wrestler and champion

Fatal Four Way: RVD vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode

Everybody begins putting the boots to Roode. Hardy and Anderson go at it. They take turns on Roode. Roode sends Anderson and RVD to the outside and works on Hardy. Hardy goes for a Whisper in the Wind but Roode moves and gets a near fall.


Hardy is in control of Roode. Hardy dropkicks RVD on the apron then flies after him on the outside but RVD moves causing Hardy to hit the rail. Anderson makes a cover on Roode but he quickly kicks out. Anderson hits a spinning neckbreaker but RVD breaks up the pin. RVD hits a split moonsault and gets a near fall on Anderson. Only RVD and Anderson are in the ring. RVD hits a springboard kick to Anderson. RVD attempts a Rolling Thunder but Roode comes in and catches him and hits a spinebuster for a near fall.

Roode puts the boots to RVD. RVD hits a series of kicks on Roode. RVD senses Hardy behind him and he tries a monkey flip but Hardy blocks it and goes up top and hits the Whisper in the Wind for a 2. Both men struggle to get up. RVD hits a spinning kick and a Rolling Thunder to Hardy. Roode comes in and tosses RVD out of the ring and goes for a suplex on Hardy but he blocks it. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate and Anderson quickly follows with the Mic Check. Anderson spears Hardy out of the ring. RVD hits the 5 Star Frogsplash on Roode for the win.

Winner by pin: RVD

RVD pulls a ladder from under the ring and climbs it as Roode looks on in fear. Hardy and Anderson argue.

Pyro explodes and music hits…it is Abyss! He says this message is to his little brother Joseph. He says Joseph is getting too close to the fire and he should back off or he will get burned.

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