WWE Superstars Recap: Tyson Kidd, Santino & Ryder, Natalya, Drew McIntyre, In Action

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WWE Superstars Recap: Tyson Kidd, Santino & Ryder, Natalya, Drew McIntyre, In Action
Welcome to the Wrestlinginc.com WWE Superstars Recap.

Josh Matthews welcomes us to the show as Ezekiel Jackson makes his way to the ring. Matthews is joined by Matt Striker. Drew McIntyre gets an extended video entrance to a mixed but noticeable reaction.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew takes control early with kicks to the gut and a side headlock. Jackson reverses it and twists Drew's arm behind his back. Drew hits some chops and a headbutt, they go back and forth. Jackson hits a shoulderblock then launches Drew with a back body drop. Jackson whips him into the corner and follows in but gets a reverse elbow on the chin. Drew flies off with a clothesline to the back of the head from the second turnbuckle. Jackson kicks out of the pin.

Jackson works his way up from a rest spot and gets kneed in the gut. Drew works him over in the corner with strikes and kicks. He pulls him in for a clothesline and gets a 2; Jackson looks dazed. Jackson fights back and sends him in to the corner and knocks him down. Jackson sends him in again and hits 2 clotheslines and continues with impact moves. Jackson tries to lift Drew up for the torture rack but he is unable. The ref breaks them up and Drew runs in and kicks the man in the face.

Drew picks him up and delivers the Future Shock DDT and hooks the leg for the pin.

Winner by pin: Drew McIntyre


Alicia Fox vs. Natalya

Some nice back and forth followed by a slap in the face by Natalya then Alicia responding with her own slap. Natalya takes over with methodical offense. Alicia does a small package and gets a near fall. Natalya applies and abdominal stretch. Alicia gets out and does some gymnastics offense. Alicia gets a near fall from a suplex into a bridge. Alicia tries a scissor kick but is caught by the legs and put in a Sharpshooter. Natalya leans back as Alicia taps.

Winner by submission: Natalya


Hunico and Camacho come down to the ring on the low-rider with the usual mic work. Sanford has replaced Striker on commentary. Tyson Kidd comes to the ring.

Hunico vs. Tyson Kidd

The crowd chants USA which is kind of funny. Hunico kicks Kidd in the shin and starts to mount offense. Kidd cuts him off with a reverse elbow out of the corner and a hurricanrana from the second turnbuckle. Hunico armdrags Kidd but Kidd's feet hit the ropes allowing him to recoil and armdrag Hunico out of the ring. Camacho distracts Kidd and Hunico takes him off his feet on the apron. Hunico hits a Rolling Thunder from the apron into the ring for a 1. Hunico puts the boots to him in the corner and Camacho interferes again. Hunico plants Kidd with a sit-down face-plant but only gets 2.

Hunico applies a reverse chinlock. Hunico continues to go to work. Hunico hits a double underhook backbreaker across the knee. Hunico whips him in and hits a shoulderblock. Kidd hits a couple of clotheslines and collapses back down along with Hunico. Both men get up and Hunico whips Kidd into the corner and follows behind but Kidd scouts it and launches Hunico for a Snake Eyes on the turnbuckle. Kidd kicks him in the back of the head. Hunico stumbles to the center of the ring and Kidd continues with kicks. Kidd hits the ropes and drops t deliver a front dropkick to Hunico's face and gets 2.

Hunico whips him in but Kidd stops himself by hooking the ropes. Hunico rushes in and gets a boot in the face. Kidd springs from the apron over the top rope and hits an elbow drop and gets a near fall. Kidd can't believe it and goes for a Sharpshooter and Hunico gets out. Kidd launches Hunico over the top and to the outside, and follows with a flying tackle on Camacho. Hunico hits a swinging neckbreaker on the outside. Both men make it back in at the count of 8. Hunico goes up top for a splash but Kidd gets his knees up into Hunico's belly. Hunico falls with his legs interlaced with Kidd's. Kidd grabs shis legs and flips him over for the Sharpshooter. Hunico grabs the ropes.

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