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A video runs of the Heavyweight Title situation from RAW. We get no opening Smackdown package and go straight to Sheamus making his way to the ring, followed by Randy Orton. Jericho and Del Rio follow.

Sheamus & Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho & Alberto Del Rio

There is tension between Orton and Sheamus. Orton works Jericho over then tags Sheamus on his taped left shoulder. They have some words and Sheamus goes to work on Jericho. Sheamus hits a shoulder block and makes a hard tag to Orton's shoulder. Jericho quickly tags Del Rio. He and Orton go back and forth, Orton tags Sheamus. Sheamus hits a rolling senton to Del Rio. Jericho pulls the rope down and Sheamus falls to the outside and Jericho kicks his shoulder.

Del Rio tags Jericho who continues to work Sheamus' left shoulder. Both men make tags. Orton stays one step ahead of Jericho. He hits the DDT in the ropes and looks for the RKO but Jericho blocks it so Orton hits a dropkick. Del Rio breaks the count which brings in Sheamus and the ref calls for the bell. All men brawl as more refs come down to break them up.

No Contest


Cole reads a tweet from Eve saying that Orton has to face Del Rio and Sheamus will face Jericho later tonight.

AJ makes her way to the ring. She looks in better spirits but she is still a little awkward. They show a video of her slapping Kaitlyn last week. AJ looks upset by the video. Kaitlyn makes her entrance.

AJ vs. Kaitlyn

AJ attacks immediately, taking Kaitlyn down with a Thesz Press and mounting her with rapid punches. Kaitlyn gets up and AJ does it again. AJ ducks a clothesline and hits a dropkick the knees Kaitlyn in the head and gets the pin. The match lasts about a minute.

Winner by pin: AJ

AJ continues to attack after the bell with raging punches. Bryan's music hits and AJ stops. Bryan gets in the ring with s big smile as AJ looks on.

Bryan says he's impressed with her passion and gusto. He says he didn't know she was so ruthless especially against her friend. He sees her in a new light. AJ starts to smile, relieved. Bryan says he's ready to move past their tension. He says that after he wins the WWE Title at Over The Limit, he's looking forward to moving on…to Kaitlyn. AJ looks away as Bryan laughs then she looks at him and begins panting heavily like Drew Barrymore from Firestarter. She walks out of the ring and quickly up the ramp as Bryan does the "Yes" thing in the ring.


Bryan is still in the ring chanting with the fans as Big Show's music hits.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Big Show

Show moves in early and corners Bryan. He hits chops and kicks as Bryan goes down. Bryan hits a double boot to Show and comes off the top with a kick to the knee. Show falls to one knee. Bryan tries a kick but Show catches his foot and chops him down. Bryan takes out the knee again and Show goes down. Bryan kicks the knee some and applies the Yes Lock. The bell sounds and John Laurinaitis walks out of the time-keeper booth and announces that Bryan has won by submission.

Winner by submission: Daniel Bryan

Bryan "yes's" his way to the back as Laurinaitis enters the ring. Johnny says he heard Show was making fun of his voice on Monday. Johnny scolds Show and makes him say "sir." Johnny says he's going to apologize to him on RAW and it better be good because outside of wrestling there isn't much need for a 7 foot, 441pound, 40 year old freak. Johnny walks to the stage and he's going to beat Cena at the PPV and shake WWE to its foundation. "People power."


Heath Slater is in the ring and says his opponent might physically look like the epitome of evolution but to him he looks like a caveman with a pea brain. He says he (Ryback) hasn't beaten anybody of Slater's caliber. Ryback's music hits.

Heath Slater vs. Ryback

Ryback has pyro added to his entrance but it was just a "boom" and no fire which is maybe why we get an extreme close-up of his face. The crowd chants, "Goldberg," as Slater gets in his face and says that he's the man. Ryback shoves him down. Slater immediately gets up and hits a series of punches and Ryback actually goes to one knee but it doesn't last long. Ryback hits a modified powerslam and a vicious clothesline. Ryback delivers his running Samoan Drop with a fisherman cradle to get the win in under a minute.

Winner by pin: Ryback


Lilian Garcia introduces the John Laurinaitis appointed special guest ring announcer, Teddy Long. Long introduces Alex Riley, who is already in the ring. Teddy Long reads a card and introduces Antonio Cesaro as: "The Swiss sensation, the rugby baller shot caller, his opponent's fright and Aksana's delight; beating every bum in the scrum and every clown on Smackdown."

Alex Riley vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro gets in some offense then hits a big boot in the corner as A-Ry falls flat on his face. A-Ry kicks out at 2. Riley attempts a dropkick but Cesaro has it scouted. Cesaro lifts Riley rather easily and hits a gut-wrench suplex. Aksana, who is sitting next to Teddy at ringside, gleams with pride. Riley works his way up from a double underhook rest spot and hits a couple of clotheslines and goes for a spinebuster but Cesaro blocks it, grabs Riley's ear, and hits a European uppercut. Cesaro hits his, yet unnamed, face-plant finisher for the win.

Winner by pin: Antonio Cesaro

Teddy announces Cesaro as the winner. Aksana rubs his head like a pet. She grabs the mic and says that she and Teddy were just friends but Antonio is her lover. They kiss. Teddy winces.

-Cena video about World Wish Day


Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

They start off going back and forth, trading kicks and punches. Orton hits a slingshot in the ropes to Del Rio's neck. Del Rio drives Orton's shoulder on the ropes. Del Rio works the shoulder; he slams Orton on the arm. Orton fights back with clotheslines and a slam. Orton hits Orton goes for the DDT in the ropes but Del Rio blocks it and kicks him in the back of the head and gets 2. Del Rio gloats too much and Orton hits a modified neck breaker and almost gets the fall.

Del Rio goes back to the shoulder. Orton blocks the cross-armbreaker. Orton hits his DDT from the second turnbuckle and gets coiled. Ricardo goes up top behind Orton but gets caught with an RKO as he leaps off. The ref calls for the bell. Del Rio attacks Orton and sends him into the post and then applies the cross-armbreaker. Another ref comes out to release him. Orton rolls to the outside, heavily favoring his arm.

Winner by Disqualification: Randy Orton


R-Truth w/ Kofi vs. Jack Swagger w/ Dolph

Swagger takes control of Truth but Truth comes back with some break-dancing. AW and company look on from backstage, including Mason Ryan. Swagger hits a vicious suplex and gets 2. Truth hits a DDT and both men struggle to get up. Truth hits some more signature shuckin' and jivin' including the corkscrew elbow; Dolph slides in and pulls Truth off of the pin. He slides back out and pretends to be on the phone as Truth goes out to confront him. Kofi comes off the steps and takes out Dolph; Swagger hits a running elbow on Truth. Back in the ring, Kofi connects with a kick to Swagger's head from outside and Truth hits his signature jumping reverse STO for the win.

Winner by pin: R-Truth

-Cena promo from RAW

Santino power-walks to the ring.


Zack Ryder has joined him. They split screen to a pre-taped promo with them arguing about their team name. Santino wants MaRyder and Ryder wants CoBro. Ryder says it's trending on Twitter.

Santino & Zack Ryder vs. Titus O'Neil & Darren Young

Santino makes light of the height difference between him and Titus and leaps to secure a headlock. Titus overpowers him and Santino motions for a timeout. Titus tags Young. Titus heckles from the apron. Titus tags in and suplexes his own partner on top of Santino. Titus hits a European uppercut and tags Young back in. Santino takes some punishment and tags Ryder who keeps Titus from coming in the ring with a boot. He hits a Broski Boot to Young in the corner and gets 2.

Titus grabs Ryder's boot from the outside, Young hits a flying elbow to Ryder. Santino chases Titus on the outside with the cobra but he gets blindsided by Young with a running elbow. Ryder dropkicks Titus in the head from inside the ring. He comes out to send Young back in. Young pushes Ryder off the second rope and Ryder hits the back of his head hard on the canvas. Young makes a tag, Titus holds Ryder on his knee as Young flies off the second rope with an elbow. Titus pins Ryder.

Winners by pin: Titus O'Neil & Darren Young

Titus and Young walk toward Lilian. Titus tells her to announce the winners again, they tell her to put more stank on it next time. They say they are the next tag champs and the only difference between them and everybody else is millions of dollars. They jump around and keep saying millions of dollars.

Matt Striker is backstage with Damien Sandow. Striker asks him to explain why he backed out of his match last week. Sandow says he didn't mean to confuse Matthew and makes reference to his past job/gimmick as an educator, Sandow speaks with his perfect vocabulary and basically says the people need a savior and he's going to expose all the false prophets.


-WWE on Youtube plug: WWE Download w/ Dolph Ziggler

Broadus Clay makes his full entrance. Hunico comes out on the lowrider with Camacho and says his name means being #1. He says he's the beat and gets in the ring. He catches the ire of Clay but Camacho attacks him from behind. Hunico and Camacho put the boots to Clay. Clay gets up in the corner, smiling and jiggling. The ref asks him if he can go and rings the bell to start the match.

Broadus Clay vs. Hunico

Clay no-sells Hunico's punches and connects with a headbutt. Clay hits a nice back body drop and headbutts Camacho, who comes on the apron, to the floor. Clay hits a fall-away slam and a big splash for the win.

Winner by pin: Broadus Clay


-RAW Rebound: Lesnar-HHH, Heyman

Chris Jericho vs. Sheamus

Both men come out punching. They take turns with chops and kicks in the corner. Sheamus hits his signature chops in the ropes. Sheamus knocks Jericho off the apron to the outside.


Sheamus tries to suplex Jericho from the apron to the outside but Jericho blocks it and drives the hurt shoulder across the top rope. He dropkicks Sheamus to the outside. Booker says he's known Jericho for a long time and he has not lost a step. Jericho sends Sheamus' shoulder to the post and goes back in the ring. Sheamus makes it back in at the count of 6. Jericho wrenches on the hurt arm. Sheamus fights back but gets a standing dropkick. Sheamus scouts a Lionsault and makes a comeback. Jericho goes for The Walls but Sheamus powers him off. Jericho finally gets it applied but Sheamus reaches the ropes. Jericho charges at him and Sheamus launches him over the top.

Del Rio comes out and throws Jericho in the steel steps. The ref calls for the bell. Del Rio jumps in the ring and puts the cross-armbreaker on Sheamus. Orton comes to his rescue and mounts Del Rio with punches. Sheamus throws Orton off to get some of Del Rio but Orton throws Sheamus off too. They face off and argue. Jericho comes in and hits the Codebreaker to Del Rio and rolls back out. Orton hits the RKO to Del Rio, stares at Sheamus and goes to leave. Del Rio gets up and Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick to him. Orton and Sheamus survey their damage and stare each other down.

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