WWE Smackdown Recap With Tons Of Video: World Title Feud, Bryan & Kaitlyn?, Cesaro, Sandow, More

WWE Smackdown Recap With Tons Of Video: World Title Feud, Bryan & Kaitlyn?, Cesaro, Sandow, More
Welcome to the Wrestlinginc.com WWE Smackdown Recap.

A video runs of the Heavyweight Title situation from RAW. We get no opening Smackdown package and go straight to Sheamus making his way to the ring, followed by Randy Orton. Jericho and Del Rio follow.

Sheamus & Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho & Alberto Del Rio

There is tension between Orton and Sheamus. Orton works Jericho over then tags Sheamus on his taped left shoulder. They have some words and Sheamus goes to work on Jericho. Sheamus hits a shoulder block and makes a hard tag to Orton's shoulder. Jericho quickly tags Del Rio. He and Orton go back and forth, Orton tags Sheamus. Sheamus hits a rolling senton to Del Rio. Jericho pulls the rope down and Sheamus falls to the outside and Jericho kicks his shoulder.

Del Rio tags Jericho who continues to work Sheamus' left shoulder. Both men make tags. Orton stays one step ahead of Jericho. He hits the DDT in the ropes and looks for the RKO but Jericho blocks it so Orton hits a dropkick. Del Rio breaks the count which brings in Sheamus and the ref calls for the bell. All men brawl as more refs come down to break them up.

No Contest


Cole reads a tweet from Eve saying that Orton has to face Del Rio and Sheamus will face Jericho later tonight.

AJ makes her way to the ring. She looks in better spirits but she is still a little awkward. They show a video of her slapping Kaitlyn last week. AJ looks upset by the video. Kaitlyn makes her entrance.

AJ vs. Kaitlyn

AJ attacks immediately, taking Kaitlyn down with a Thesz Press and mounting her with rapid punches. Kaitlyn gets up and AJ does it again. AJ ducks a clothesline and hits a dropkick the knees Kaitlyn in the head and gets the pin. The match lasts about a minute.

Winner by pin: AJ

AJ continues to attack after the bell with raging punches. Bryan's music hits and AJ stops. Bryan gets in the ring with s big smile as AJ looks on.

Bryan says he's impressed with her passion and gusto. He says he didn't know she was so ruthless especially against her friend. He sees her in a new light. AJ starts to smile, relieved. Bryan says he's ready to move past their tension. He says that after he wins the WWE Title at Over The Limit, he's looking forward to moving on…to Kaitlyn. AJ looks away as Bryan laughs then she looks at him and begins panting heavily like Drew Barrymore from Firestarter. She walks out of the ring and quickly up the ramp as Bryan does the "Yes" thing in the ring.


Bryan is still in the ring chanting with the fans as Big Show's music hits.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Big Show

Show moves in early and corners Bryan. He hits chops and kicks as Bryan goes down. Bryan hits a double boot to Show and comes off the top with a kick to the knee. Show falls to one knee. Bryan tries a kick but Show catches his foot and chops him down. Bryan takes out the knee again and Show goes down. Bryan kicks the knee some and applies the Yes Lock. The bell sounds and John Laurinaitis walks out of the time-keeper booth and announces that Bryan has won by submission.

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