- Zack Ryder says WWE edited this week's YouTube entry again. He wrote:

"By the way, @WWEonYouTube edited my show again. Not edit as in did all the work...edit as in take out a part."

- Current ESPN announcer and former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman spoke with HutchNews.com and says he was held back because of his time with WWE:

"It really held me back for a while. There were certain people (ESPN executives) that were fearful of some negative backlash that they hired a guy best known for wrestling. It was frustrating. I knew where I should be, at and I knew where I wasn't. But I also knew the reason."

Coach also talked about getting physical:

"It was scary first time I did something physical. I was terrified the most, though, when I hit Shane McMahon with four chair shots to the back. I was terrified I was going to hurt him. He is a tough guy, but you don't want to hurt the boss' son."

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