- We get a promo for tonight's match between Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson.

Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson

We go to the ring and Mr. Anderson is out first. He drops the mic and introduces himself. Jeff Hardy is out next to a decent reaction from the Impact Zone. They lock up and trade holds.

They fight out to the floor and Hardy slams Anderson's face into the steel steps. Hardy runs and leaps off the steps but Anderson moves and Hardy almost smacks the fan barrier. Hardy brings it back in the ring but Anderson kicks him in the face. Hardy connects with a jawbreaker and a Russian leg sweep. Hardy with the big leg drop for 2.

Anderson takes control of the match now and works Hardy over for several minutes. Anderson with several pin attempts. They collide and both go down. Hardy fights out of the corner and once again Anderson stops him. Hardy hits a pair of clotheslines and takes Anderson down. Hardy goes for a senton but Anderson moves. Anderson hits Twist of Fate on Hardy for a 2 count, trying to use his own move. Anderson goes to the top for a Swanton but Hardy puts his legs up. Hardy nails a Swanton now but Anderson kicks out at 2. They trade right hands. Hardy an inverted atomic drop but Anderson blocks the leg drop for a quick roll-up for the win. Anderson looks surprised he won and the win came out of nowhere.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

- After the match, Hardy has words with Earl Hebner about the pin. Hardy says he kicked out but Hebner says it was a pin. Anderson puts his hand out and Hardy shakes it. They embrace as we go to replays. The replays show that Hardy kicked out. Tenay and Taz wonder if Hulk Hogan will make Anderson #1 contender but it looks like they legitimately messed up that finish.

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