Source: PWInsider

- Extreme Reunion has finally released the iPPV version of their debut event from Philadelphia. The original plan was to release the event the next day after but the production team dropped the ball and the entire show had to be edited from scratch. The iPPV download also includes an actual DVD of the event and can be downloaded at The next Extreme Reunion event will take place on June 30th in Philadelphia but talents are also being booked for a potential Northeastern show on June 29th.

- Mick Foley revealed on Twitter that he is writing the copy for all 99 cards to be included in the new WWE trading cards from Topps.

- In the video below that we posted over the weekend, UFC fighter Chael Sonnen reveals that WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin has been helping him with strength and conditioning before fights. Chael says Austin didn't want to be publicly involved but Austin brings him to his BSR Ranch in Texas for the training.

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