- PWInsider.com reports that Ring of Honor head Joe Koff will hold a media conference call tomorrow afternoon. The call will focus on the problems with the Border Wars iPPV over the weekend, as well as their future iPPV plans.

- Former ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky took a swipe at his former company, writing on his Facebook page, "When the ownership and management of a company doesn't care or have enough respect for its employees and more importantly paying customers to spend enough money to have adequate equipment they can f-ck off. When a company decides to go on the cheap and take a risk that something like a website will work instead of doing everything in their power to guarantee it will work they can f-ck off. If the ownership and management doesn't care or respect it's fans enough to do this they don't deserve your support."

A few hours later Sapolsky wrote, "It's too late to delete that other thread cause everything is out there, but to the people making all the negative comments do you realize I'm just saying we respect and appreciate your business and you deserve the best for your money? Yes, there are bumps in the road due to things out of control, but we never cut corners on things we can control and we always work our hardest to give you the best quality. I'm trying to serve you the best we can and I'm saying you should get nothing less. I take offense when you do."

- Here is Kevin Steen's first promo since winning the ROH World title at Borders Wars in Toronto this past weekend.

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