In Scott Steiner's recent Twitter rant, Steiner suggested that TNA signed Hulk Hogan's "no talent daughter" Brooke, and that the locker room is upset by the signing. Brooke Hogan responded to Steiner on her Twitter, writing, "A certain wrestler with a stupid mesh hat needs to #stfu. #1 stop overcompensating for your 'little' problem... #2 act like a damn gentleman #3 I'd 'make more money on my back' than you ever would in your whole career.

"Shut up. You look like a toddler. Ps: lol if he's such a big scary man don't block someone who's never tweeted you. Mind you I've only been kind to this completely incoherent shell of a man. You really need to call ppl out to get noticed?? Well you did and now everyone can see how desperate you truly are. Stop talking crap about my family. #turdclub"

The tweet has since been deleted although she has been re-tweeting several replies to it, including one that suggested that Steiner has a crush on her and is in denial.

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