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The opening video runs and Josh Matthews welcomes us to the show.

Johnny Curtis vs. Percy Watson

Percy takes control with a side headlock and an armdrag. Curtis tries to fight back but gets dropkicked. Curtis drives Percy's neck across the rope and takes over. Curtis gets several near falls. Percy fights back with dropkicks and a clothesline. He hits the Heisman and gets 2. Curtis fights out of a Samoan Drop and executes a nice suplex for the win.

Winner by pin: Johnny Curtis


The Great Khali & Ezekiel Jackson vs. Reks & Hawkins

Khali starts by overpowering Hawkins and tags Jackson. Hawkins quickly runs and tags Reks. Jackson unloads on Reks but is double teamed and falls victim to quick tags. Hawkins & Reks put the boots to Jackson. Jackson tries to fight out of the corner but is hit with a big boot by Reks. Jackson works his way up from a headlock and hits a back bodydrop on Reks to make the tag to Khali. Khali cleans house and hits a Punjabi Plunge on Reks for the pin.

Winners by pin: Khali & Ezekiel Jackson


Kaitlyn vs. Maxine

Kaitlyn takes Maxine down quickly and make a break. Kaitlyn hits a bodyslam and gets 2. Maxine hops on with her front choke hold but Kaitlyn fights out. Maxine goes out to regroup. Maxine works Kaitlyn over on the apron and gets 2. Maxine drives Kaitlyn's head to the mat several times then applies a cobra clutch. Kaitlyn fights out and gets hit with a double axe-handle. Kaitlyn drop toe holds Maxine to the corner and hits a couple of dropkicks. Kaitlyn hits a crossbody for a near fall. Maxine hits a DDT. Kaitlyn turns a full nelson into a slam and gets a submission.

Winner by submission: Kaitlyn


-RAW Rebound: Big Show


Michael McGillicutty vs. Derrick Bateman vs. Tyson Kidd

McGillicutty slides out of the ring and motions for the 2 men to go at it. Kidd and Bateman go back and forth. They come out to get McGillicutty who escapes back in the ring and is double teamed with a delayed double suplex. McGillicutty takes over on Kidd with Bateman on the outside. McGillicutty knocks Bateman off the apron and is thrown out by Kidd. Bateman does a suicide dive on McGillicutty. Kidd moonsaults on both men off the top turnbuckle to the outside.


Kidd puts the boots to McGillicutty in the corner. He goes for a Sharpshooter but is kicked off and hit with a Saito suplex by McGillicutty. Kidd hits a series of hands and kicks to McGillicutty but is cut off quickly. McGillicutty hits a front dropkick and gets 2. Bateman attacks McGillicutty but is stopped. Kidd gasps for air on the mat. Bateman hits a flurry of offense on McGillicutty for a near fall. McGillicutty throws Bateman off the turnbuckle. Kidd sees an opening and takes it to McGillicutty. Bateman recovers with a pin attempt on Kidd but it is broken up by McGillicutty.

Kidd hits a kick to McGillicutty's head from ther apron which sends McGillicutty into Bateman who hits a suplex with a bridge for a pin attempt. Kidd comes flying off the top with an elbow to break the cover. Kidd gets 2 quick near falls on both men. Kidd makes it to his feet first and takes it to Bateman. Bateman puts McGillicutty on the top turnbuckle and tries a superplex but is thrown off. Kidd applies the Sharpshooter on Bateman who reaches for the ropes but Kidd pulls him back and applies the Dungeon Lock for the submission.

Winner by submission: Tyson Kidd

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