TNA Impact Results With Video: Qualifiers For World Title Shot, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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TNA Impact Results With Video: Qualifiers For World Title Shot, Sound Off With Your Thoughts
Welcome to our Live TNA Impact Viewing Party. We will be providing live ongoing coverage of tonight's Impact, while you all can chime in with your thoughts throughout the show.

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We start with Bobby Roode walking to the ring after a video package of him talking about how everyone is after his title and him being the most dominant champ in company history.

He gets in the ring and puts himself over as the best. He talks about his victory over RVD in a ladder match, a match that RVD perfected. The crowd says "Boo" and he says "Yes, chant my name, Rooode!" He is going to throw the biggest bash next week called The It-Factor's Celebration of Domination. He calls out Hogan.

Hogan comes out to the ring. Roode tells him in one week he will become the longest running champ in company history. He has some demands for his party. He wants the best furniture and champagne in his locker room, with green M&M's. He wants gold confetti dropped from the ceiling during his entrance. He says confetti from Canada: where champions are made.

Hogan says he's seen many champions; he lists many legends. He thanks Roode for taking the company in a new direction, but he says Roode hasn't broken any records yet and he tears the demands up. Hogan says that next week on Fight Night, Roode's title will have to be the one on the line. He says some people in the back would like the opportunity; the locker room empties on the stage, even ODB.

Hogan says RVD should face Bully Ray. He makes a match between Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson, Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe, and a battle royal; Hogan will chose which one of the winners will face Roode for the title next week.


-Video of Abyss' warning to his brother from last week

Open Fight Night Qualifier #1:
Bully Ray vs. RVD

Bully backs off from RVD before the bell rings and tells the ref to check RVD's taped arm. RVD applies a headlock and Bully reverses into an armbar. He pulls on RVD's hurt arm in the corner. Van Dam hits a Rolling Thunder and gets 2. Bully Ray takes back control, concentrating on RVD's injured leg and knee. RVD struggles to get up, he moves and avoids a flying headbutt from Bully and it allows him to take over. RVD goes up top for a kick but Bully moves and hits a solo 3D for the pin.

Winner by pin: Bully Ray

-King Mo recap next


Bully Ray is back stage and he's pissed. He is mad at the Kardashians for jumping on the anti-bullying campaign. Joseph Park interrupts him. He apologizes for what he did at Sacrifice. He says Bully's the "fire" that Abyss warned about getting close to. Bully tells him to stay away from him.

-King Mo signing recap

Gail Kim is backstage complaining to Madison Rayne about having to face two opponents but she is not listening. She tells Gail 'good luck' and leaves. Velvet Skye and Brooke Tessmacher show up and say one of them will beat her for the title tonight.

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