- Batista has caused fans online to speculate about his WWE return once again. Batista says he shaved his head because it was hot in Los Angeles. Here's the photo:

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- Chris Jericho was interviewed by Metal Hammer in the UK. A fan asked which other wrestlers were big metal fans:

"Well, CM Punk is more of a punk guy. There are metal elements to him, but he like H20 and bands that I don't really know much about. HHH is a metalhead, but he likes the Metallicas and the Motorhead and stuff like that. Bubba Ray Dudley is a big metal guy, and Edge is kinda like me, he likes all aspects of music. But as far as true-blue metalheads like me, there aren't many. There are few and far-between metalheads like me anyway!"

- Kelly Kelly and David Otunga were representing WWE yesterday at the Time Warner Cable upfront presentations while WWE Champion CM Punk was at the USA Network upfront presentations. Below is footage of Punk:

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