Thanks to reader StephenB for sending in these results from last night's TNA live event in Hattiesburg, MS:

If you had VIP tickets that were $50, you got to get in early, get front row/area seats and they had a meet n greet at ringside. The wrestlers that took part in this were Samoa Joe, Daniels, Robbie E, Angelina Love, and Magnus.

The first match of the night was good.

* Samoa Joe & Magnus defeated MCMG via submission by Samoa Joe
The crowd was pretty dead all night. MCMG had the main pop and there were X-Division chants throughout the crowd.

* Velvet Sky defeated Angelina Love via pinfall
Velvet had a way bigger reaction from the fans, although Angelina seemed to have the older aged part of the crowd over.

* Garrett Bischoff defeated Robbie E. via pinfall
About a minute into the match Robbie E. gets the mic, cuts a promo about how everyone came to see him and the fist pump. He informs Bischoff that he could help him become almost as big of a star as he is by helping him learn to dance so some cheesy song cuts on and he starts dancing around the ring getting a big reaction from the fans. Once he is done Garrett dances to the same song, but in the middle of the song starts beating up Robbie E. and eventually won the pinfall.

Intermission, with Tara doing an autograph signing at the merchandise stand.

* Kurt Angle defeated Daniels via submission
Daniels comes out to this god awful song I've never heard before and is dancing around for some reason. He cuts a great promo on the fat people in the crowd, how he brought gifts for everyone.. A physique for the fat men to aspire to get, and he brought as much sexual desire for the ladies as the plane would let on him... This caused massive heat and some AJ Styles chants broke out and he responds by saying AJ is to busy sleeping with Dixie to come to this awful state. Angle comes out and literally the entire time they were wrestling the fans were cheering ANGLE ANGLE ANGLE ANGLE... or maybe it was just me screaming the entire time, and fans would occasionally join in.

* Jeff Hardy defeated Mr. Anderson via pinfall.
Anderson comes out first gets a pretty decent pop, fans were cheering "ANDERSON" for about a minute. Hardy comes out to a bigger pop.

* Rob Van Dam defeated Bully Ray via pinfall.
Before I start this I would just like to say that Bully Ray is by far, BY FAR, the best heel in the business, certainly in this decade.

Bully comes out gets massive heat, more of a reaction than did Anderson and almost on the Hardy level except it was heat and he hadn't even made his way down to the ring yet.. He comes down arguing with fans and staring down little kids scaring them. He cuts a great promo about how starting this summer Impact will be LIVE every Thursday, and that now everyone gets to see him more. He gathers up all the security guards and yells at them for letting this group of fat ugly girls front row, he told them no fatties, and proceeded to say they were not only the ugliest girls in Hattiesburg, but that he had ever seen... it was hilarious!
RVD comes out gets about as much of a pop as Hardy... and ends up beating Bully super quick via 5 star frog splash.

Rob stayed and for $20 you could go into the ring and take a pic with RVD. I've been to 2 previous Impact shows and this one had the shortest line yet... Angle nand Beer Money a year or 2 ago had a way bigger crowd, as did the Jeff Hardy one about 6 or 7 months ago was bigger as well.

They had a new guy chanting about deals all night, its usually Don West, this time it was some new guy.

Earl Hebner apparently just reffed his 100,000th match so they were having special deals on "Yeah, I screwed him" Hebner shirts, where he was at the merchandise stand signing the shirts.

They had a deal where you could pay $20 for a "Cross The Line" action figure set with Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson, and with that you could get backstage and meet them.

Overall, it was a good show. Knockouts put on a pretty damn good match.

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