Source: Clarion Ledger has an interview with Kurt Angle, who was promoting tonight's TNA live event in Mississippi. Here are some highlights:

Becoming a top star so quickly: "I love being out there in front of a crowd and performing. To be honest ... I probably would have retired a a couple of years ago if I wasn't so good (laughs, almost apologetically).

"It sounds very arrogant. I know it sounds very pompous, but yeah, when I started, I didn't realize I was going to pick it up so quickly. They always say it takes 10-15 years to make a real champion wrestler. ... I won the World Heavyweight title in the WWF my 10th month.

"I got the entertainment factor, I got the technique that went with it with professional wrestling, which is completely the opposite of Olympic wrestling.

"I just had to forget everything I learned my whole life and not go by instinct any more and learn a whole new style of wrestling. So, I just put my time and effort and my head into it, and my body and soul and I became as good as I could get, as quickly as I could get. And from there, I just kept getting better and better and better. And I came to TNA and I've gotten better now than I was in the WWE."

His TNA character: "I've done everything, from comedy to being the badass. ... I think my character now is more true to life than I've ever been. It's just the real Kurt Angle. I think it's because, thank God, I got to the point where fans now look at me as one of the best of all time. So it's kind of hard to be the bad guy now, when the fans have the respect for you.

"I've been struggling the past couple of years. A couple of times, they tried to turn me bad guy, it didn't really work out. So, I think now ... just keep him the good guy. And being an Olympic gold medalist for your country doesn't help either (chuckles)."

You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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