Recently, former WWE champion The Miz was interviewed by Brazilian television and discussed a number of topics. Topics included; memorable matches, being WWE champion, The Marine 3, Rey Mysterio and more. Here are some of the highlights:

On his most memorable match and his take on some of the legends he's wrestled: "The most memorable match would be WrestleMania 27 when I retained my title not once but twice and making history. I walked in there as WWE champion and walked out of there WWE champion in front of 70,000 people at the Atlanta Georgia Dome. That is just an incredible feat.

"As far as the legends I've wrestled, I mean, I've wrestled them all. It's incredible. These guys that I used to envy and idolize -- I'm wrestling. I got to wrestle Bret 'The Hitman' Hart and I used to be the kid in the front row, hoping that he would give me his sunglasses. I've been in the ring with Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper, Marty Jannetty. You name them, I've basically been in the ring with them.

"It's an incredible, incredible feeling as a kid and then growing up into the man that I am, being able to be in the ring with them. I'm living my dream and then exceeding expectations."

On his secret to being WWE champion and keeping the title: "Win Money In The Bank and then cash it in whenever the champion is weak. That's the best advice I can give anyone for being a WWE champion. Then, how do you keep it? Cheat as much as you possibly can because that's all I did.

"I know I'm not the biggest, most agile or athletic. I'm not the best wrestler in the world. But, I'll tell you what: I have the brains and the determination to win at all cost. No matter what. I will cheat, lie, and steal -- I'll do whatever I possibly can to keep the title whenever I have it. Kids: I'm not that role model right there. Don't do that and don't try anything I do in the ring at home because it's very dangerous."

On his starring role in the upcoming movie, The Marine 3 and comparing his acting chops to The Rock: "I'll be starring in The Marine 3 and it should be absolutely incredible because I'm an amazing actor. I'm going to use my method acting. I'd imagine that I'm going to win an Oscar for my performance in The Marine 3.

"But, no. It's going to be a great action flick. I'm excited to do it. It's quite an honor whenever WWE Studios puts a WWE superstar as the lead in a movie and trust that it will do well. I'm going to work my hardest, just like I do each and every day in the ring. I'm going to work my hardest to make this Marine the best that it possibly can be. Hopefully, a new action star is born.

"... No, I'll be better than The Rock. Even though he was, like, action star of the decade -- there's a new decade. There's a new guy in town, Rock."

On which superstar he would most like to have a major feud with: "I haven't had a real, long feud with Rey Mysterio and I've always wanted to have one. Just because he's an exciting, fast -- the crowd just loves him. I would love to just beat him so that the crowd cries and whines. That's my enjoyment. So, I'd really like to have a feud with Rey Mysterio. And, as always, I'd like to take the WWE championship from C.M. Punk."

On his favorite tag team partner: "(With) Alex Riley, I was more of a mentor to him just like I was with Daniel Bryan. He's doing fantastic right now, by the way, and I'll take all the credit for that. The Big Show, John Morrison...Who was the best tag team partner? I mean, they were all such a different dynamic.

"But, the person that I think really started my whole career and really started elevating me to being someone in the WWE was John Morrison. We just had that chemistry. We had a show on called "The Dirt Sheet", we were multiple time champions. We were together for a year and a half, all the other tag teams I've had didn't last that long. So, I'd have to say that just because of the time and the chemistry."

On which superstar is his favorite of all time: "My favorite superstar growing up was The Ultimate Warrior. I used to paint my face and put streamers on my arms, run around and annoy my mother everywhere."

To check out the entire interview, watch it below.

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