'WWE Over The Limit' Results: New Champion, Big Return, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Bryan runs and drops two knees to Punk's back. Bryan goes for another but Punk moves. Punk with a fisherman suplex for a 2 count. They both get to their feet and trade shots as the crowd does dueling chants. Bryan takes Punk down and climbs to the top. Bryan nails a big flying headbutt and covers for a 2 count. Bryan with another neck hold. Punk fights out and they collide in mid-air with crossbody shots. The referee begins to count as both are down.

They get up and trade more shots. Punk fires away with forearms and goes on but runs into a boot. Punk with a power slam for a 2 count. They end up on the apron. Bryan goes out and Punk dives through the ropes, sending them both into the barrier. They come back in the ring and Bryan catches Punk in mid-air with a dropkick for another 2 count. Bryan with kicks while Punk's on his knees again. Punk catches it and they lock up in a figure four on the mat. They trade shots while in the hold and go at it. Punk finally has to break the hold but continues working on Bryan's leg. Bryan counters and rolls Punk up for 2. Bryan with another near fall. The fans chant awesome now. Bryan with knees to the gut in the corner. Bryan takes Punk up top but they tangle and fall off. Punk springboards in and clotheslines Bryan off the top rope. Punk with another 2 count.

More back and forth and kicks being traded. Punk goes for GTS but Bryan slides down and rolls him up. Punk rolls Bryan up but he kicks out. Bryan tries for the Yes Lock but Punk catapults him over the top rope. Bryan hangs on and pulls himself back in the ring. Punk drops him with a roundhouse kick and covers but Bryan gets his foot on the bottom rope. Punk scoop slams Bryan and goes back up top. Punk nails the big elbow drop but hurts himself with the landing. Punk covers for a 2 count as the crowd chants Randy Savage. Bryan with more knee shots to the ribs now. Bryan unloads with shots to Punk's ribs until the referee backs him off. Bryan chants Yes and misses the dropkick in the corner. Punk with the running knee. Bryan blocks the bulldog and applies the Yes Lock. Punk rolls back out of it and pins Bryan's shoulders for the win. The controversy is that Punk was tapping out as he reversed the hold.

Winner: CM Punk

- After the match, we go to replays and it shows Punk tapped after the pin was counted. Bryan argues with the referee as Punk leaves with the WWE Title.

- David Otunga and Eve Torres are walking backstage. They walk up on Teddy Long, who is all smiles. They say Teddy won't be getting his job back if Laurinaitis gets fired tonight. Teddy says he could see the Board promote Eve and Otunga to new GM roles. Teddy says he's going to check on Laurinaitis but says he could also see the Board terminating Eve and Otunga.

Camacho vs. Ryback

We go to the ring and out come Hunico with Camacho on their bicycle. Ryback is out next.

Ryback blocks a suplex and drops Camacho hard. Ryback keeps up the offense until Hunico kicks him in the back. Ryback fights them off and takes Camacho to the corner as the crowd chants Goldberg. Ryback with another takedown and a big powerbomb. Ryback yells "finish him" and hits his finisher for the win.

Winner: Ryback

- We get another video promo for tonight's main event.

John Laurinaitis vs. John Cena

John Laurinaitis comes out first for tonight's main event. Laurinaitis is wearing a track suit but looks ready to go. John Cena is out next to a big pop.

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