As noted last week, Scott Steiner received legal threats for his recent Twitter rants towards Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. That didn't stop Steiner from posting the following late last week:

"OMG..hogan i cant believe you admitted you got a lawyer like I said,I expected you to lie and deny It,bcuz dont you realize that when you admitted that you proved to the world that what i was saying about You was true! Calling you a p---y n a b---h my opinion but you admitting you got a lawyer proves That you are,and since you admitted to getting a lawyer can you tell everybody exactly what Tweet scared you..LOL..instead of wasting your money on a lawyer you should hire a P.R. firm bcuz Like ive been saying all along,if you ain't saying your catchphrases you sound like a complete idiot

"And maybe that P.R. firm can help your daughter too! Bcuz she admitted she could be a great Whore,when she tweeted that she could make more money on her back than I did in my wrestling career LOL.. Well i accept that challenge,bcuz i dont think she can,Good Luck Brooke,maybe you could do A porn flick like your dad did,or do one with him, U need to go to Rent-a-Center and rent a brain,bcuz if you check out the websites im not the only one Who thinks your a idiot"

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