Scott Steiner Gets Personal With Hulk Hogan's Family In Latest Twitter Rant

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Scott Steiner Gets Personal With Hulk Hogan's Family In Latest Twitter Rant
As noted last week, Scott Steiner received legal threats for his recent Twitter rants towards Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. That didn't stop Steiner from posting the following late last week:

"OMG..hogan i cant believe you admitted you got a lawyer like I said,I expected you to lie and deny It,bcuz dont you realize that when you admitted that you proved to the world that what i was saying about You was true! Calling you a p---y n a b---h my opinion but you admitting you got a lawyer proves That you are,and since you admitted to getting a lawyer can you tell everybody exactly what Tweet scared you..LOL..instead of wasting your money on a lawyer you should hire a P.R. firm bcuz Like ive been saying all along,if you ain't saying your catchphrases you sound like a complete idiot

"And maybe that P.R. firm can help your daughter too! Bcuz she admitted she could be a great Whore,when she tweeted that she could make more money on her back than I did in my wrestling career LOL.. Well i accept that challenge,bcuz i dont think she can,Good Luck Brooke,maybe you could do A porn flick like your dad did,or do one with him, U need to go to Rent-a-Center and rent a brain,bcuz if you check out the websites im not the only one Who thinks your a idiot"

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