- We get another video promo for tonight's main event.

John Laurinaitis vs. John Cena

John Laurinaitis comes out first for tonight's main event. Laurinaitis is wearing a track suit but looks ready to go. John Cena is out next to a big pop.

The bell rings and Laurinaitis runs for the crowd. Cena chases him and brings him back in. Cena catches Laurinaitis' leg and clotheslines him. Cena takes it to the corner and puts Laurinaitis' shirt over his face. Cena with a big chop to the chest and then a chop to the back. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but spins Laurinaitis around instead. Laurinaitis is so dizzy he just falls and stumbles around, falling out of the ring. Cena grabs the timekeeper's bell and rings it Ace's ear several times.

Cena continues beating Laurinaitis around the ring, using the announcers table. Cena sits Laurinaitis in an announcer chair and takes a seat. Cena puts on a headset and impersonates Cole. He puts one on Laurinaitis and he's so out of it he impersonates Booker. Cena cuts the comedy and throws Laurinaitis back in the ring. Laurinaitis pleads with Cena and offers a handshake. Cena smacks Laurinaitis and scoop slams him. Cena drops an elbow and grabs a mic. He brings it in the ring and tells Laurinaitis he's about to put him in the STF. Cena says if he taps out, he's fired. Cena says he will let go of the hold if Laurinaitis can last 10 seconds. Cena wants the fans to help him count. He applies the hold and the fans start to count. Laurinaitis lasts 10 seconds. Cena says he's going to do it again and he does. Laurinaitis lasts another 10 seconds in the STF. Cena goes to ringside and gets a bottled water. He grabs several bottles of water and brings them in. Cena soaks Laurinaitis as the crowd cheers.

Cena brings a fire extinguisher in the ring as Laurinaitis backs up against the ropes and puts his hands up. Cena backs him into the corner and shoots him with the extinguisher. Cena follows Laurinaitis out to the floor and slams him into the barrier. Cena gets a trash can now and dumps it over Ace's head. Laurinaitis tries to leave through the crowd but Cena pulls him back. Laurinaitis hits him in the injured arm and comes back over the barrier for a fight. Laurinaitis starts working on Cena's arm and throws him into the steps. Laurinaitis brings it back in the ring and grabs a steel chair.

Laurinaitis works Cena over. Cena grabs the chair and takes out Ace's leg with it. Cena drops the chair over Ace's face. Laurinaitis gets up and connects with a low blow. Laurinaitis goes to leave through the crowd again while Cena is down in the ring. Laurinaitis limps through the crowd as the fans boo him. Cena and the referee look on as Laurinaitis walks out of the arena into the concessions area. All of a sudden Big Show comes walking in holding Laurinaitis by his neck. Big Show brings Laurinaitis over the fan barrier and throws him in the ring. Show steps on his hand and stops his from leaving the ring. Show grabs Laurinaitis for a chokeslam but Ace pleads with him. Cena grabs Laurinaitis for the Attitude Adjustment but Show decks Cena with the knockout punch. It takes Laurinaitis a minute but he crawls over and covers Cena for the win.

Winner: John Laurinaitis

- After the match, Show helps Laurinaitis up to his feet and raises his arm in victory. Laurinaitis smiles but falls to his knees as Show leaves the ring. We go to replays as Laurinaitis crawls out of the ring. Over the Limit goes off the air with Laurinaitis limping up the ramp and Cena laid out in the ring.

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