After last night's WWE Over The Limit, WWE champion C.M. Punk discussed his match with the fallen challenger, Daniel Bryan. caught up with an in-character Punk and discussed the match and it's controversial ending.

On how he feels about Daniel Bryan after their match: "I can say about Daniel Bryan exactly what I would have said about Daniel Bryan if you asked me before the match. He's probably one of the toughest guys I've ever wrestled. The fact that we've made it this far and we've carried our rivalry to these heights? It's pretty amazing. I'll wrestle him any day of the week."

On whether or not he tapped out during the ending of the contest: "I did. I did tap. I tapped after I pinned him. You know how many times I tap a day, how many times a week? There's no shame in tapping out. I'd rather tap out and live to fight another day when it counts. When it matters. When [the WWE] title is on the line, he's going to take my arm off before I tap.

"But, after I pinned him? Yeah, I'll tap. There's no shame in that. He's a submission artist. He makes people hurt in places they didn't realize they had places."

On whether or not Bryan has reason to be upset over the ending and whether or not a rematch is in order: [Laughs.] Have you ever lost the chance to be WWE champion? Have you ever lost the championship game? Maybe you've lost the chance to do something great. Of course he's mad. I'd be mad at that result, too. The only reason I'm happy now is because I won.

"Does he have a claim for a rematch? Absolutely. On any given day, I can't tell you if Daniel Bryan or C.M. Punk wins the match. I just know that when I'm in there, bell to bell, there's nobody better. He makes me better."

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