Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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- Tonight's WWE RAW Supershow opens up with a look at John Laurinaitis, People Power and the match against John Cena at last night's Over the Limit pay-per-view.

- We're live from the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia as John Cena's music its and out he comes. Cena has a serious look on his face as he marches to the ring.

Cena takes a mic and says he's had a lot of matches where he comes out on Monday, congratulates his opponent and wants to move on. Cena yells and asks what the hell happened. John Laurinaitis beat him. Cena rips Laurinaitis and says he got a taste of his own medicine last night. They were having fun until Big Show showed up. Cena says Show sold out and there's on possible explanation for what he did last night.

Cena says Show would have got hired back by whoever took over for Laurinaitis after he got fired. Cena references the old RAW General Manager laptop and says he would rather have it back. Ace's music hits and out comes Eve Torres. She introduces Laurinaitis and out he comes in a handicap scooter. He gets to his feet with crutches and talks about having to be rushed to the hospital last night. He runs off a list of injuries. Laurinaitis says Cena or anyone else can never lay a finger on him again or they will be terminated. Laurinaitis introduces Big Show and says he re-hired him on Saturday, giving him a big bonus. Laurinaitis announces Show vs. Cena for No Way Out in June.

Show comes out to the stage and the crowd tells him he sucks. Show says everyone wants an explanation but nobody is entitled to one. Show says he was on his knees begging for his job last week and nobody loves this business more than he does. The crowd chants sell out. Show says after 18 years, he got nothing in return when he got fired. Show says he did what anyone else would have done. He's got an iron-clad contract now and he's proud of it. Show asks how Cena or any of the fans can judge him. Show says there will be No Way Out for Cena because he's going to knock him out. Show walks off to the back. Out comes David Otunga. Otunga says it's time for Cena to lose to him now. Cena says he's not in the mood. He tells Otunga to go in the back and watch re-runs of Law & Order. Cena promises to hurt Otunga if he gets in the ring. Otunga dedicates the match to Laurinaitis before posing on the stage and heading to the ring. We go to commercial.

John Cena vs. David Otunga

The bell rings and Otunga goes to break through the ropes but Cena tries to get at him. Cena tries again but Otunga leaves the ring. Cena chases him to the floor and Otunga makes it back in first. Cena chases Otunga around and back in again. Otunga meets Cena with right hands now until the referee backs him off. Otunga poses as Eve and Laurinaitis look on from the ramp.

Cena fights back and hits the Attitude Adjustment while looking at Laurinaitis. Cena applies the STF on Otunga for the win.

Winner: John Cena

- After the match, Cena won't let go of the hold until Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins, Darren Young and Titus O'Neil rush the ring and attack him. They beat him down until World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus runs down for the save. Sheamus and Cena empty the ring together. Laurinaitis says he didn't give them permission to do that and tells them to get backstage. Laurinaitis announces Sheamus and Cena vs. 3 other Superstars in a 2 on 3 Handicap Lumberjack match. Laurinaitis rides off on his scooter as Sheamus and Cena pose for the fans.

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