WWE NXT Recap With Video: McIntyre In Tag Action, Mahal Vs. Bateman, Heath Slater, Maxine, In Action

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Winner by submission: Maxine


-RAW Rebound: Over the Limit fallout

Johnny Curtis & Drew McIntyre vs. Khali & Ezekiel Jackson

McIntyre gets a small pop; again, I believe it is partly because of his theme.


Khali and Jackson get a decent pop too. It's too bad Khali is as immobile as he is; people want to cheer him, especially if he's winning matches, as he has been doing lately. I think they dig his song too; some of the kids were dancing in the crowd.

Curtis begins with Khali. Khali chops him down, then chops him in the corner. Jackson tags in. McIntyre tags in and takes it to Jackson. Jackson bodyslams him and tags Khali who chops McIntyre. McIntyre takes out the knee and tags in Curtis. McIntyre comes back in. Khali tags Jackson who steamrolls McIntyre. Jackson takes care of Curtis on the apron and throws Curtis out too.


Curtis comes in on a tag and gets bodyslammed by Jackson. Jackson hits a couple of powerslams and raises his arm to dead silence from the "Universe." McIntyre takes out Jackson's knee from the outside; Jackson falls outside, Curtis brings him in and tags McIntyre. The quick tags continue. Curtis works the left leg, McIntyre too. Jackson fights out of the corner but McIntyre hits a big boot for a 2.

Jackson manages a powerslam on McIntyre and finally tags Khali. The crowd pops but only slightly. Khali Tomahawk Chops Curtis repeatedly as he bumps around. Khali hits the Punjabi Plunge for the win.

Winners by pin: Khali & Ezekiel Jackson

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