Welcome to this week's WrestlingInc.com WWE Superstars Recap.

The opening video runs and we are welcomed to the show by Josh Matthews as Antonio Cesaro makes his entrance with Aksana in tow. Matt Striker is alongside Matthews for the time being. Tyson Kidd actually gets an entrance and is not 'job introduced.'

Antonio Cesaro vs. Tyson Kidd

They lock up and quickly make a break. Some back and forth as both men feel each other out. Aksana looks on. Cesaro takes control, working the left arm of Kidd. Kidd springs off the ropes with some nice quick combinations and rolls up Cesaro in an innovative pin foe a 2. Cesaro catches Kidd face first on the ropes. Cesaro lifts Kidd with ease with seemingly one arm and delivers a modified side suplex. Kidd works up from a modified headlock with a backslide pin attempt and gets knocked right back down. The crowd starts chanting "yes," and Cesaro executes a beautiful snap suplex and gets 1 and a half. Cesaro goes back to the neck and lifts Kidd from a rear chinlock on Cesaro's own back.

Kidd flips out of it and gets a near fall. Kidd hits a combination of kicks and a front drop kick and makes the cover…Cesaro kicks out. They mix it up on the apron; Kidd kicks Cesaro in the head and goes up top…and hits a Blockbuster for a 2. Both men are down, Kidd goes for a Sharpshooter, Cesaro fights out. Kidd gets about half way through a Tornado DDT off the top but Cesaro just blocks it and throws Kidd in the air and catches him on the way down with a forearm in what looked like a "Mortal Kombat Fatality" or something. The crowd pops for this. Cesaro cracks and adjusts his neck bones and drops Kidd with his facebuster move for the win. Cesaro looks impressive here and, as always, so does Kidd.

Winner by pin: Antonio Cesaro

He and Aksana smooch in the ring.


Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. JTG & Michael McGillicutty

JTG and Kofi face off…JTG attacks off the clean break in the ropes. JTG sends Kofi in the ropes; Kofi ducks a few clothes lines while running the ropes and monkey-flips JTG to the canvas. Truth tags in and they double team then Truth does his break dancing moves. Truth gets a 1 on JTG. JTG mounts some offense; McGillicutty takes a cheap shot at Truth from the apron. McGillicutty tags in and takes over. JTG back in now and slowly takes apart Truth. Both men are down and make tags. Kofi flies around with clotheslines and dropkicks on McGillicutty. JTG pulls McGillicutty out of the ring so Kofi lies through the ropes, tackling them both.


Truth is back in the ring with McGillicutty. Kofi comes back in and gets a super-near fall, McGillicutty ducks out of the ring to avoid a corkscrew. Kofi ducks JTG but McGillicutty takes out Kofi from the apron with a vicious clothesline to the outside. McGillicutty and JTG put the boots to Kofi in the ring. The crowd chants for Kofi. JTG continues to keep Kofi down. Kofi fights out of the corner and makes the hot-tag to Truth. Truth hits the corkscrew punch and a face-plant but McGillicutty breaks the cover. McGillicutty and Kofi gets thrown out of the ring, Truth hits the Little Jimmy reverse STO for the win.

Winners by pin: Kofi & Truth


-RAW recap/Over the Limit fallout

Zack Ryder vs. Heath Slater

The crowd chants for Ryder. Ryder takes him down with a couple of armdrags. Slater stomps Ryder on the mat and slams him. Ryder counters a DDT and Slater slides out to regroup. Ryder brings Slater in over the rope and plants him then clotheslines him over the top and to the outside. Ryder flies up and over and onto Slater and brings him back in.


Back in the ring… Slater ducks and Ryder goes neck first into the ropes. Slater puts him in headlock. Slater makes a cover goes back to the headlock. Ryder counters Slater off the second ropes and plants him face-first. Both men struggle to get up. Ryder mounts the advantage and sets him up for the Broski Boot and gets 2. After some back and forth, Slater hits a neck breaker and almost gets the fall. Ryder head-butts Slater off the second rope and comes down with a missile dropkick and gets a very close near pin. Ryder goes up again but Slater cuts him off and brings him down with a vicious powerslam.

Ryder catches Slater with a double knee and hits the Rough Ryder out of the corner to win.

Winner by pin: Zack Ryder

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