TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video - Huge Return, World Title Match, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video - Huge Return, World Title Match, Sound Off With Your Thoughts
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A vignette runs recapping the AJ/Dixie situation and the Bully Ray/Joseph Park issue.

We cut to Hogan in his office with Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray, AJ Styles, and Kurt Angle. Hogan lets them look at the script for the evening. Hogan says if Roode wins tonight be becomes the longest reigning champion and the greatest champion ever. Kurt asks what the importance of that. AJ asks what the importance of a gold medal is. Hogan says the normal format doesn't work anymore. The men have to convince Hogan why they should face Roode. This is very good and realistic. Bully Ray is fantastic. He puts himself over as the one. Angle says to try to intimidate him.

AJ says he wants to end his streak, he wants it for himself. Kurt says he beat AJ. Hardy says to let the fans decide. Angle asks what Hogan wants. Hogan says Roode has some upsides and has gotten them to this point but he has to be stopped. Hogan says everyone in the room can beat him. He says since he hasn't won the big one yet and only been a singles wrestler a year, he eliminates Bully.

Bully asks Hogan if he made the right decision and leaves.

-Opening video package

Mike Tenay welcomes us to Open Fight Night. Gail Kim comes to the ring. She says it's great to be her. The locker room watches from the back. Gail Kim says she is the Knockouts Division and the most important woman in the company. She says she's upset that the Knockouts Tag Titles are represented by a man and a woman.

She says along with Madison Rayne, who just appeared in the ring, will challenge for the straps. ODB and Eric Young make their way from the locker room to the ring.

ODB & Eric Young vs. Gail Kim & Madison Rayne

Young starts off with Gail. Young reverses an armbar on Gail and applies a headlock. They go back and forth with standing switches. ODB tags in with forearms and a fall-away slam.


Gail covers ODB and gets 2. Madison stomps ODB in the ring and gets 2. The crowd chants for ODB. Madison and Gail double team but ODB hits a spear on Gail and tags Young. Madison comes in too and Young pulls some shenanigans and takes his pants off. He slams both women and ODB yells at him to put his pants on. ODB tags in and hits a running powerslam on Gail. Gail gets picked up again by ODB but Madison grabs ODB's foot from the outside causing Gail to fall on top of her for the win.

Winners by pin: Gail Kim & Madison Rayne


Hogan is on the phone with someone. He says asks if he's still coming and that it's been too long. He gets off and says "holy shiz."

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