TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video - Huge Return, World Title Match, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

RVD makes his way to the ring. He says he has unfinished business with Gunner and calls him out. Gunner walks out from the locker room area.

RVD vs. Gunner

RVD dropkicks Gunner on the apron before he could even get in the ring. Gunner gains control and throws a chair in the ring. RVD fights back with strikes to the face and Rolling Thunder. Gunner regains control and gets 2. Gunner drops elbows to the head as RVD tries to make it to a vertical base. RVD catches Gunner rushing into the corner. Gunner grabs the chair but RVD kicks it into his face. RVD hits a sick 5-Star from all the way across the ring for the win.

Winner by pin: RVD


Devon gets in the ring as we return. He says Hogan gave him the opportunity to defend his title every week. He says Garett Bischoff eliminated him from battle royal last week and wants to see if lady luck is still on his side.

TNA Television Championship:
Devon (c) vs. Garett Bischoff

They shake hands and show respect to each other. Devon takes Garett down as the crown chants for him. They reset and lock up again, going back and forth. Garett hits a swinging neckbreaker. The crowd wants tables. Robbie E. and Robbie T. come in and attack both men from behind. The bell sounds. Devon and Garett fight back and decimate the Robbie's. Devon and Garett embrace.

Double Disqualification/No-Contest


Back in Hogan's office, he sizes up the remaining men. Angle says if he wants the most popular guy then pick Hardy. Angle says if he wants the guy that will get the job done then pick him. Hogan eliminates Hardy and says he's too shaky and his victories have been too close. Hogan says he needs to do the rest in the ring.

-Video Package of Abyss-Joseph Park and Bully Ray story

Bully Ray comes to the ring. He intimidates some fans at ringside. He says because of Hogan he's p*ssed off. He said on top of everything he heard Joseph Park was in the audience. He finds him and orders him in the ring. Park awkwardly grabs a mic, enters the ring and says he's never been in a real fight and begs Bully for space.

Park says he's represented many men and he can look in a man's eyes and tell if he's guilty. The crowd chants "guilty." Park says Bully has the right to a trial in front of his peers, the fans. He asks who thinks Bully is guilty and it's unanimous. Bully attacks Park with the chain. Bully has a distant cold look on his face and hits him again while on the mat. Bully says "not guilty" and leaves.

Park is red faced and coughing in the ring.

-Joey Ryan video talking about Gut Check


Jeremy Borash is in the ring with Al Snow and Joey Ryan who is donning a blue scarf and white shades with his trunks. His opponent is…Austin Aries.

TNA Gut Check:
Austin Aries vs. Joey Ryan

Ryan takes Aries down quick and lounges and shows off on the ropes. Aries applauds. Ryan looks like a Tom Selleck pedophile look-a-like. Aries takes him down twice and lounges on the ropes too. Aries slaps Ryan around and Ryan escapes to the outside. Aries doesn't give him a chance to breathe. Ryan catches him off the top and gets 1.

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