Source: PWInsider

WWE's Revolution promos are apparently for the new WWE '13 video game that comes out on November 1st, 2012. We had posted a video was leaked on YouTube yesterday, but has since been deleted by THQ. The leaked video was a THQ teaser for the game that featured WWE Champion CM Punk.

The tagline for the game is "Live the Revolution."

The video showed a re-creation of the Big Show and Mark Henry spot where they destroyed the ring with a superplex, so apparently you will be able to do that in the game.

Other teases in the video included a new CM Punk entrance and attire, Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, Attitude Era Undertaker, Mankind, Sheamus, Big Show in an Army singlet, Mark Henry plus new RAW and SmackDown side-trons.

The video also showed Chris Jericho doing a Lionsault from the ring apron through the announcers table and CM Punk doing a top rope elbow drop through the announcers table. Austin and Mankind were shown fighting in an old school arena before breaking the barrier and fighting into the crowd.

You can check out the leaked trailer below:

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