WWE SmackDown Recap With Tons Of Video: New #1 Contender, Sandow, Bryan, Show Explains

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WWE SmackDown Recap With Tons Of Video: New #1 Contender, Sandow, Bryan, Show Explains
Welcome to this week's WrestlingInc.com WWE Smackdown Recap.

The show begins with a video recapping the storyline with Big Show ending with him knocking out John Cena. The opening video runs and here we go. The show a video of Sheamus running into John Laurinaitis on RAW and a graphic asks if he is going to apologize tonight.

Lilian Garcia introduces the executive administrator to Laurinaitis, Eve. She comes to the ring and gets a small Ho-ski chant. She says Johnny is still in charge but not here tonight due to an international business trip and she is in charge. She is going to deal with Sheamus. He will have to apologize and she is going to name his opponent at No Way Out. Alberto Del Rio's music hits.

He calls her beautiful and smart and says she knows that he is the best opponent for Sheamus. He gets in the ring and continues to give her compliments. He says to make Johnny proud. She says he is deserving and Randy Orton's music hits.

He comes to the ring and introduces himself to Eve a la Del Rio and tells her he's going to let these people help her in the decision making process. Of course the fans side with him. He says she has her answer. Kane's music hits.

He also gets in the ring and says that neither one of the men has his qualifications. He says that pasty white Irish ghost Sheamus has to face the devil's favorite son. He says if she knows more convincing, tonight's episode number is 666. The crowd pops Eve says the only way to settle it is to have a triple threat match. Her music hits and she leaves.

We go to the announcers and they talk about Christian's return and show stills from his Over the Limit match. He is introduced as returning to SmackDown and enters the arena.


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Christian vs. Hunico

Hunico's music is playing as we return. Camacho is at ringside along with the lowrider. They lock up and Christian gets the upper hand. Hunico regroups in the corner. Christian hits a back bodydrop and Hunico rolls out of the ring. Christian follows with an attempted sliding dropkick that Hunico avoids. Camacho hits Christian with a clothesline. Hunico flies through the ropes and tackles Christian by the announcer's booth.

He throws him back in and continues to put the boots to him but Christian recovers and hits a couple of slams. He goes up top but Hunico catches him and they exchange some near falls. Christian goes up top again and flies off with an elbow to the face of Hunico. Christian looks for the Killswitch but stops to dropkick Camacho off the apron. Hunico tries the Angle Slam but Christian reverses into the Killswitch.

Christian eyes the turnbuckle and hits a Frogsplash off the top for the win.

Winner by pin: Christian

Cody Rhodes' music hits and he comes on the stage. He says he spent 8 months 257 days he spent his time wiping the dirt of the Intercontinental Title and restoring it to prominence. He says Santino held it and he's a joke. He names legends that have held it. He says Christian ruined it. When he gets his rematch it's only going to take 3 seconds to get it back. Cody's music hits again and Christian lays the belt on the ring in front of his feet and invites him in with a smirk.


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