More From Dixie Carter: WWE Wrestler She'd Like To Sign, WWE's Attitude To TNA, Russo's Departure

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More From Dixie Carter: WWE Wrestler She'd Like To Sign, WWE's Attitude To TNA, Russo's Departure


As noted earlier, TNA President Dixie Carter was on a media conference call hyping Impact going live tomorrow for the summer. Here are some more highlights from the call:

Biggest Challenge over the last 10 years: "If you're smart you listen to your fans and your criticism, you learn from it and you grow. I am so proud that in just a few short days we will be celebrating our ten years anniversary in this business. I have never been more proud to be associated with something in my professional career. I truly love the men and women who make up our roster… we have achieved so much in ten years. There isn't a person in this call who would have thought we'd be in business ten months, we almost didn't make ten weeks. More importantly right now, where we're going. I look back, we've made a ton of mistakes… both creatively and how we've approached certain things. I think we're on a very good road… I don't think we've ever produced as quality television as we are right now."

New Format, PPV Plans, three hour specials? "Spike asked us last thanksgiving to take Impact to three hours. We thought quality over quantity… I think we're very comfortable with our programming being two hours. Do we need more programming? Absolutely."

Florida's wrestling history and going on the road: "It's interesting, I think there's all corners of the state that have rich history in the wrestling… as far as Orlando is concerned, I would rather be able to go live and stay there. Ultimately the plan is to go live and on the road… but I wanna be in business in another ten years and having this conversation with you. The touring market is soft right now. The live format will allow us to use the Universal format to it's full capacity and then take the viewers on a greater journey."

PPV Format: "I'm not a fan of 12 PPV's… we've got some contracts we're looking to negotiate right now. Every one will be something new and unique. We're hoping to evolve our PPV's."

Monday Night Live experiment: "We've got an incredible competitor with a 25 year head start on us. People watch television different from they did in the old Monday night Wars. I practically don't watch any shows during their first broadcast.I think there's going to be a shift in how we look at our ratings."

WWE's attitude toward TNA: "To not acknowledge competition is ridiculous. Competition is absolutely critical to the success of any business… it doesn't matter what industry youre in, it makes you better, it makes you work harder."

"Our thought is instead of trying to compete in the same form…lets try to be different, let's try to be unique, try to present our product…wrestling matters… it's not a dirty word. We're very excited about taking whats we do best."

Wrestling vs. Entertainment, and if there is pressure to tone down the product: "I think we do take all of those elements very seriously and try to present them in the right way, I think it is business as usual. To do something that is sexually offensive for it to be that way is ridiculous… too much blood means nothing, too much language means nothing. Whatever happens has got to have meaning."

On their fan interaction: "One thing we do best is give people that personal experience up close. When they walk away, the comments that I read… that's the sentiment that I hear over and over again."

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