More From Dixie Carter: WWE Wrestler She'd Like To Sign, WWE's Attitude To TNA, Russo's Departure

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On the number of established stars on the independent circuit: "If it's a guy or a female who already have an established career, yes we are always looking at them. If it's a new person, that's what gut-check does so well… It's great television."

Do you expect the ratings to go better? "I don't expect that, I expect it will help us gain attention quicker in a new timeslot…

"Creating a six month story arc, such a commitment to structure and story… I think that's going to have an effect. It's just going to take some time. It's going to take some time for people to find us in the new timeslot, but it'll happen faster than it would any other way"

Ric Flair and Alex Shelly: "We really work hard to protect the privacy of our performers. With regards to Alex, the door is always open, we would love to see him back with us. With regard to Ric, I cannot say anything further."

On bringing in Brooke Hogan: "This division is very important to me…for women to get out there and do this, I feel like we have to set a certain standard that needs to be better than anything else that's out there. We have the best female wrestlers on the planet. She has been living and breathing wrestling her entire life, she has gotten to learn and see. I remember being seven sitting there as my dad was talking business. She has always learned from this, she is a big star in her own right. We need somebody to help give them more exposure. She is not going to wrestle. One of the biggest things she will do for us is give the spotlight they deserve."

Addressing following up on storylines: "Who kidnapped Samoa Joe, what happened to the Jackie Gayda video tape? That attention to detail is critical if we are to do our best work. There have been times in the past when we HAVE NOT been consistent in our follow up… being more consistent is going to be critical to our growth. I'm confident we can continue that."

Next step for growth: "Tomorrow is the new evolution of where our product is going. I'm just as excited as anyone to see where this is going to take us. It's going to be a journey, I'm excited about that Journey. This is an evolution, we will be evolving over time and I am excited about seeing where that is going to take us.

Was there anything that precipitated this change in direction? "No, it wasn't any one thing. We have some of the greatest characters on television, we just need to give them free reign to cut loose. I think there will be a whole new slew of viewers who are proud to watch that wrestling show!"

On trying to avoid Concussions: "It's a concerted effort and decision on the companies part… when people say wrestling is fake, I'm offended. I see the unbelievable pain these people go through. We've got to try and make what we do as safe as we possibly can."

After the success of Ring Ka King, is there any chance of a UK based promotion or spin off? "We're working on something as we speak. We're hoping to make an announcement very soon."

Lack of X Division: "We've had a lot of injuries which have effected some long term plans we have had…this is not a division you can just put anybody in… it's been disheartening for all of us over the last 12-13 months. Gutcheck, we are specifically looking for X-Division type wrestlers"

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