More From Dixie Carter: WWE Wrestler She'd Like To Sign, WWE's Attitude To TNA, Russo's Departure

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Why did TNA decide to bring the Lockdown Cage to the UK Tour? "We wanted to do something different. The UK tour is the beginning to our road to Lockdown. We wanted to give people a first hand live taste of just how exciting those could be.

"The United states fans can go to Universal at any point. The UK is incredibly special for us, it's truly one of the highlights of the year. It's the first country that has given us a stamp of approval. We will never forget what the UK has done for our business and we will always give back in a big way."

Do you want to tour UK more? "Maybe twice a year or different cities every six months… more fan parties over there. I'd love to see a second tour every year in different cities."

Will we see more talent from the UK appearing on TNA? "Doug Williams to some extent and Magnus he started on our UK Tour, Mark Haskins the same thing so I hope we do see local talent on this tour. Hopefully we'll continue to pick up more talent on that tour."

Six Sided Ring: "The truth of it is the wrestlers prefer the four sided ring…the more popularity MMA gets then there will be some confusion… We may use it when it's fitting."

If she has noticed a difference since Vince Russo left: "I think Vince is a brilliant writer, I think he has a great creative mind. Sometimes it's just time for change, for somebody's life and for their company. I'm very happy with Vince's contribution to the company. I wish him nothing but the best.

"The change isn't Vince related. It's time to look at this with fresh eyes… it's time to take our product to a new level."

On first getting involved in TNA: "I was meant to do this. I was meant for Jeff Jarrett to walk into my life to take a meeting with him. I was blown away by the passion of these people. I just feel lucky to be a part of it."

Biggest contributor to success: "Quality of talent… I happen to think we have the best roster on the planet."

If you overtook WWE, would you hire Vince McMahon? "I'd consider that. I think he would have something to contribute, I'm not sure he would fit into our new structure though [laughs] I think we already are the better company we're just not the biggest.

"There is always a good time to step back and have somebody come back fresh… try and take their character to another level. The single biggest challenge we have is we have so many people who deserve to be on TV every week. We've got to be more consciences about telling the story the right way."

On the talent and television product: "We're working very hard to make sure that whoever is on the show is on there for a reason… we've been guilty of not doing this in the past."

Who could be the next big star we haven't seen yet? "Where Bobby Roode is going… James Storm, I saw things in him that truly gave me goosebumps. I love the work he is doing. I think Bully is a fantastic example of someone reinventing himself."

Next step? "TNA as a brand we need to expand outside of wrestling. We've had a tremendous 10 years, we've overcome a lot of adversity and I think we are set to have a bright future."

If she could sign one WWE star, who would it be? "The Rock… I think he's great, I love what he does in movies, I love the kind of exposure he brings to wrestling outside of what we do on television and I think that's magic."

If she could sign one WWE star the full time roster: "I dunno, there's a lot of talented people, but I'm pretty content with who we have."

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