WWE NXT Recap With Video: 6-Man Tag, Kaitlyn Vs.Tamina, Uso's In Action


-Punk vs. Kane for the title: this week on SmackDown

McGillicutty and Bateman mix it up in the ring. McGillicutty applies a headlock, drops a knee, and gets 2. Curtis tags in and continues to keep Bateman from his corner. Curtis hits a nice snap suplex as Regal and Josh talk about how weird he is. Curtis tags McGillicutty who hits a bodyslam and an elbow-drop and tags Curtis. Somehow Bateman is able to get away and tag Percy who turns it up with dropkicks and flying forearms to Curtis. Percy takes McGillicutty out on the apron, Curtis whips Percy in, and JTG pulls the top rope down; Percy goes flying to the outside.

Curtis tags JTG who goes out and proceeds to put the boots to Percy. He brings him in and continues the punishment. McGillicutty tags himself in and keeps Percy in their corner. JTG tags right back in. Percy tries but is unable to mount any offense. Percy manages a hip-toss and tags Gabriel who goes to town on JTG. Gabriel hits a sit-down spinebuster but McGillicutty breaks the count. All 6 men get involved; Bateman hits a crossbody on the outside to McGillicutty and Curtis. Gabriel hits a DDT off the second turnbuckle for the pin.

Winners by pin: Gabriel, Bateman, & Watson

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