- Chris Jericho's suspension countdown continues, as he wrote the following earlier today on his Twitter: "The 23 Enigma refers to the belief that most incidents and events are directly connected to the number 23 or a number related to number 23"

- WWE.com has a short interview with Intercontinental Champion Christian about the Stanley Cup Playoffs, you can check it out by clicking here.

- The website also has an interview with former WWE wrestler Steve Keirn, who is the president of Florida Championship Wrestling and wrestled for the company as Skinner from 1991 - 1993. During the interview, Keirn revealed how the "Skinner" gimmick was born.

"When I walked in the door, [Vince McMahon] said, 'Steve, have you ever seen the movie 'Deliverance?'" said Keirn. "I said, 'Yes, several times,' and he goes, 'I want you to be one of those guys.' Immediately, I'm thinking he's talking about Burt Reynolds. I say 'Sure, I can be Burt Reynolds!'... He stopped me and said, 'No, no, no... I want you to be one of the two guys in the woods with Ned Beatty.'"

You can read the entire interview at this link.

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