TNA Impact Results: Sting Returns, Brooke Debuts, Dixie Panics - Sound Off

Winner by disqualification: Jeff Hardy

James Storm is shown on his farm with his daughter. He says is doesn't get any better than this. He is still mulling over his loss to Roode. His daughter asks if he's going back to wrestle. Storm asks for the cameras to be cut off.


-Video recap of Kazarian and Daniels' beef with AJ and Dixie.

Borash is in the ring with Taz, Prichard, and Snow. Borash introduces Joey Ryan. He comes to the ring and lounges on the ropes with his legs wide open. He says he is a big deal and is trending on Twitter. Prichard says he is talented but after his being in the business for 12 years, his answer is "no." Snow says he doesn't like him or his attitude. He says it's about potential though, and his answer is "yes." Borash gives him one more chance to cut a promo.

He says 80% of the fans voted for him and he questions Prichard's contract. He tells Taz he is money and tells him not to leave money on the table. Taz says his promo didn't impress him. Ryan gets in his face and says he's just a commentator, not a suplex machine. Taz says what he has forgotten about wrestling Ryan hasn't even learned. He says an emphatic "no!" Borash gets in between them. Ryan and Taz continue to argue. Taz tells him to prove him wrong.


Bobby addresses fans in London in front of Big Ben from May 25th. He says he's the It-Factor.

-Slammiversary card rundown

Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles

Daniels slaps AJ off of a tie-up. AJ chases him around the ring. AJ hits a dropkick right to the face of Daniels. Daniels connects with a right hand to the chin. AJ gets dropped across the rope by the neck and then gets knocked out of the ring into the guardrail.


Daniels is in control in the ring. Daniels hits a bodyslam and a moonsault splash off the ropes for 2. AJ turns things around in the corner with chops. Daniels bumps around for AJ. AJ puts him in a torture rack into a slam for 2. Daniels rams AJ into the corner. AJ springs off the rope with a forearm. They go back and forth. AJ hits a pele.

AJ goes for a Styles Clash but Kazarian comes down and distracts him. AJ connects with a moonsault off the second rope into an inverted DDT for the win.

Winner by pin: AJ Styles

Kazarian pounds AJ in the corner. Kurt Angle comes to the rescue. He hits a suplex on Kazarian and locks in the Angle Lock. Daniels hits Angle with a low-blow from behind. Daniels and Kazarian tie Angle to the ropes with plastic ties. AJ tries to stop them but Kazarian lays him out with the tag title. Daniels hits Angle with the belt and asks for a mic. He says "You're welcome." He says that they have proof of the affair between AJ and Dixie. He plays a call between the two. Dixie is heard inviting AJ over for the weekend and telling him to keep it under wraps. Dixie frantically comes out and rips Taz' headsets off and puts them on and says "Turn this off!!" The show then went off the air.

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