Source: CT News Junkie

Linda McMahon says she won't be distracted by WWE's war with media outlets in Connecticut that are comparing WWE's product to violent pornography. We noted how WWE responded to Manchester Journal Inquirer Managing Editor Chris Powell and threatened him with a lawsuit for saying McMahon's wealth came from "the business of violence, pornography, and general raunch."

From the CT News Junkie website, McMahon says it's not a distraction for her:

"It's not a distraction for me because I'm really focused on what I'm doing. That's all the WWE. I'm focused on, like today, this jobs tour. We're going to tour 20 jobs before the end of the week."

McMahon acknowledged there was some focus on WWE's content during the last election cycle but voters are more worried about jobs and the economy.

"It was actually a minor part last year, and I really do believe the folks in Connecticut, as I've said before, they are focused on their lives, they're focused on their children. You talk to women in the Sandwich generation, not just women, they've got kids who aren't finding jobs and are coming back home to live and at the same time they're caring for aging parents."

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